Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Remembering Miss Marls

After my new friend Miss Marls passed away, her sister went into her Internet account and notified Marls' friends and contacts of the tragedy.
I replied to her e-mail, she replied to mine and we've ended up becoming friends through
e-mail and Instant Messaging.
Big Sister asked me if I wanted anything to remember Marls by. I didn't want anything of value but I did want some little keepsake, so I asked if she had a key chain.
Turns out she had a very nice Louis Vuitton key case, which was delivered to me last weekend. It smells like really good potpourri.
Now whenever I use my keys, I am reminded of our brief friendship and I think fondly of her. I wish she would have stuck around a while, because stories I've heard about her since she died told me what a nice woman she was.
Even though we only knew each other a short while, I miss her. But I do have her key case and that somehow helps.

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