Friday, September 12, 2003

What can $87 billion buy?

The idiot in the White House has squandered $87 billion of our dough over this Iraq boondoggle, and he seems not to get that he fucked up. What else could we have done with the money?

- We could have outfitted every airport in America with state of the art cargo and luggage screening capabilities that would virtually tell operators what brand of chewing gum was hidden inside a crate full of surface-to-air missiles. After that, we'd still have $77 billion left.
- We could pay off every deficit in every state in America, yes, even California.
- We could pay unemployment benefits to everyone Bush has caused to lose jobs, for the next two years.
- We could double what America spends on "homeland security." Then we wouldn't have to go out looking for trouble with every tin horn Arab lunatic who ever thumbed his nose at Dubya's daddy.
- We could fund Title I educational programs for seven years.
- We could fund after school programs for children for the next 87 years.
- We could spend ten times more than we do on environmental protection.

Yes folks, he's squandered our money to make Iraq a better place to live. And he wants another $87 billion or so to keep improving Iraq.

Was it just me, or did everyone else think once the war ended, Iraq's oil stash would pay for their home improvements?
Is it just me, or do others not give much of a damn about Iraq's infrastructure?
Is it just me, or do others think Saudi Arabia had more to do with 9/11 than Iraq?
Is it just me, or did others think Saddam in 2002 was in about the same league as Khadaffi, David Cassidy, Pat Benatar, Flock of Seagulls and ladies wearing big shoulder pads?

For the life of me, I cannot see how anyone can make excuses for Dubya any longer. He's too dumb to be a madman and too powerful to be harmless. Soon, even his most rabid Republican right wing fanatical allies will be avoiding him at parties and stop returning his calls.
This clown makes me miss Richard Nixon.

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