Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Blog Salad™

Looks like the media has taken care of covering Bob Woodward's book, so I won't gild the lily except to say the White House spin saying they "loved the book," has to be the lamest reaction in history. Sure they did.
Woodward was smart- first he wrote a book portraying Dubya as a good guy, then he gained unprecedented access to Bush and his staff for this new book, where he was able to choke Bush on his own quotes.
I wonder if Bush asked the Saudi ambassador if it was okay to talk to Woodward?

Looks like U.S. airports might relax the rule about only letting ticketed passengers past security checkpoints. I hate not being able to meet people at the gate or sit with people before their plane departs, so I hope they do drop that rule.

A straight woman friend of mine got some good advice on picking out potential boyfriends who aren't like the mooches and losers she usually attracts. She was told to ask where they went on their last vacation. If they react like a vacation is something far too ritzy and expensive for them to even consider, she was advised to run the other way. Smart advice.

Three months into it, my new relationship is turning out to be sensational. I never realized how holding out for basic compatibility makes things run so much better. In the past, I was always drawn to intense women, but Eclair is easy going and it makes everything so much simpler. It's just better to laugh more and ponder issues less.
And yes, she likes to go on vacations.

I was watching PBS the other night and caught David Byrne on "Austin City Limits."
He is so cool, I think my temperature dropped just watching him. He introduced one song by saying, "My mother used to sing this to me when I was little."
Then he broke into the Whitney Houston song, "I Wanna Dance With Somebody."
He made it sound like a major classic.
His voice is better live and he looked healthier than he did in the 80's. I love that man!
If I ever win the lottery I'm going to hire him and Annie Lennox to play at my first big party.

Bonus Questions:

1. If you had unlimited funds for a party, which two acts would you hire to entertain?
2. If you got a pinata for an adult party, what would you put in it?
3. Where is your ideal vacation location?
4. Where do you go for weekend getaways, and what do you like to do?
5. What trait do you love most in your significant other?

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