Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Bloggy Wednesday: Some Bush, Some Not

--Oh, goodie.
Nixon White House Counsel John Dean of Watergate fame has written a new book about the Bush administration called, "Worse Than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George Bush."
Thinking people have to wonder why their public libraries now have entire sections of books about what liars and crooks we have in the White House.
Alas, the people who still believe in Bush are decidedly not readers.
Perhaps someone can put a NASCAR-themed coloring book together, and sneak in details about Bush being such a total loser.

--Is anyone still watching "The L Word" on Showtime? The plot lines have gotten more ridiculous by the week, but they are oddly compelling. Well, maybe they aren't that compelling, but the nice looking chicks having all that sex certainly are.
Jenny, the cute little bisexual woman with the enormous eyes who was engaged to Tim but ran off with Marina, started reminding me of my Jewish ex from Canada. Turns out the woman who plays her *IS* a Jewish woman from Canada. No wonder I saw so many shudder-worthy similarities.

--Near my Shiksa girlfriend Eclair's house is our city's beautiful, thriving Jewish Community Center. Also in her neighborhood is a grocery store that sells lots of Kosher foods and items used in Jewish celebrations, like candles and paper goods.
Last Sunday morning, when I went to the store for bagels and the Sunday NY Times, I was delighted to see displays of goodies for Easter standing head to head with Passover treats.
They were selling Manischevitz concord grape flavored matzo right next to holy water bottles shaped like the Virgen de Guadalupe. Gotta love the incongruity.

--I used to love getting Easter baskets stuffed with all kinds of candy and chocolates. Now that I have diabetes, I imagine it would be a challenge to create a suitable Easter basket for me.
Not all adults expect to get Easter baskets from their significant others, however, Eclair and I are the babies of our respective families, and we both expect them.
I can't wait to see what's in mine.
Do you expect an Easter basket, or make one for your main squeeze? What do you put in theirs, or want in yours?

--We dilly-dallied over planting those Valentine's Day rose bushes until last weekend. Turns out we were able to dig holes and plant them both in under a half hour. One of them actually bloomed about an hour after being sunk into the ground. The roses were orange when we bought the bushes, but now they are yellow. Weird.

--A year ago this month, George W. Bush staged a costly and theatrical jet landing on an aircraft carrier and emerged in a pilot suit, proudly announcing the war with Iraq was over, with a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner mounted behind him as he spoke.
This week, fighting in Iraq reached epic proportions for our military, with no end in sight.
Bush appeared in El Dorado, Arkansas yesterday and said he still planned to turn over sovereignty to Iraq on June 30.
He was unable to say to whom he planned to turn it over, and unfortunately, he did not specify in which year the June 30 switch would occur.

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