Thursday, April 22, 2004

News Around the Net

So, the grand jury decided there was enough evidence to indict Michael Jackson for child molestation. What a surprise. Word to Mikie- we let you slide on the first one, now it might be time to pay the piper, you freakish pervert.

CBS decided to air photos of Princess Diana as she lay dying.
Why is it that CBS was too scared to air the Reagan movie and is too cowed by Bush to show us the flag draped coffins of our military killed in Iraq, but they thought it was okay to show gratuitous shots of a poor woman on the verge of death? It's fucking creepy is what it is.

A recent Associated Press poll suggests Americans are scared shitless of another terrorist attack and fear the terrorists are getting ahead of us.
Ya think? Maybe Bush shouldn't have rushed our soldiers into Iraq, trying to shove American democracy and Christianity down the throats of an ancient Islamic culture he has no hopes of ever understanding. He told us getting rid of Saddam would make our military welcomed by Iraqis as liberators, remember? They'd greet them with flowers and sweets, he said. Uh huh.

Bush is celebrating Earth Day by touting a 1,600 acre wetlands project in Maine.
Maine- gee, isn't that where his beloved Kennebunkport is located? That fucker ought to celebrate Earth Day in Houston, where the air quality rivals that of Mexico City and the drinking water is translucent.
For Bush to even be seen in public on Earth Day is appalling, but if all he has to tout is a little water testing project on a few acres near his family compound, that should tell us all we need to know.

Is it just me, or is Israel turning into an obnoxious little brat of a country that acts out, then expects its big brother (us) to protect it? I like Israel and believe in their right to exist, but I think Ariel Sharron is a jerk who needs to step aside. I miss Golda Meir.

It seems two chunks of highly radioactive fuel rods are missing from a Vermont nuclear plant. Authorities have no clue where the stuff went, but fuel rods are an ingredient used to make dirty bombs that use ordinary explosives mixed with the fuel rods to blow up and spread radiation.
I sure am glad Bush established the Department of Homeland Security to make sure nuclear plants keep track of their rods of death. In 2002, when a Connecticut nuke joint had some rods come up missing, the feds fined them $288,000.
Still haven't found them but, what the hell.

I know the victim of a rape shouldn't have her medical records or private life dragged through the mud, but Kobe Bryant sure seemed to pick a lunatic to rape.
The woman seems to have a touch of bipolar disease or something that causes her to act funny, from reports I've heard on Court TV.
Word to the recently raped: don't wink and tell your girlfriends how well hung your assailant was, it's bad post-rape etiquette.

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