Monday, April 26, 2004

Monday, Monday

Whew. Fiesta is finally over and the city can get back to rest.
Eclair and I participated in a few of the events, including the drizzly parade where my high school marching band didn't appear. We were in cramped stadium seats, but it was cozy with little old ladies all around us, jabbing us with their big umbrellas.
At another event, the king of the parade pinned a special medal on Eclair's bosom, but he ignored me even though I was sitting right next to her. Hrumph.
All in all in was a decent Fiesta, but I think I may be getting a little long in the tooth to really get into the mayhem, the parking madness and the crowds.
I did manage to show Eclair a neat parking trick. In a hopelessly crowded parking situation, you simply park in a no parking zone, remove the ticket from another car's windshield and put it on your own.
A little civil disobedience never hurt anyone, I say.
The best part of the long weekend was ignoring the national news.
I caught up this morning via e-mail news lists I belong to and it's getting overwhelming to try to keep track of the many ways Bush is fucking up the country and the world.
My best friend Anna is up in Washington DC right now. She was part of the abortion rights march on the White House, one of a million who want Bush and his archaic policies thrown out. Way to go, Anna!
I guess the Bush Nazis couldn't redirect this protest a safe three miles away from the White House. Kind of hard to reroute a million angry people.
Of course, Bush was away on vacation again during the march. God forbid he should have to lower himself off his throne to hear the roar of a million people who want him gone.
Last time America had a protest of this size was just a few months before President Clinton was elected.
Let's hope this march was another prophetic moment in our history.
And let's hope the Republican National Convention gets disrupted by even more angry Americans who are fed up with this insane administration.

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