Thursday, April 15, 2004

First, the Bad News

Between the daily news, the e-mail I receive and the brief time I spend
reading online political message boards, I have concluded:

- Bush is just the head of a festering, oozing Republican zit on the face of America
- Slightly less than half the nation supports Bush with the same zeal, bias, blindness and stupidity as the O.J. Simpson jury showed toward that murderer
- The protests that rocked the nation during the Vietnam era will look like bake sales compared to what will happen if Bush is reelected
- My nephew, who is of draft age, will be encouraged by everyone on both sides of his family to either go to Canada or join the Texas National Guard, like Bush did, to avoid the inevitable draft another Bush term will create
- If Bush is not elected, he and others in his administration should face criminal investigations and prosecution due to some or all of the malfeasance perpetrated against the American taxpayers over the last four years
- Next time I encounter a Log Cabin Republican at a social event, I am going to suspend my usual courteous line about agreeing to disagree and tell him what an ignorant, counterproductive, homophobic asshole I think he is
- Political Bloggers who do not offer comments boxes are cowards who don't have the strength of conviction to endure criticism or opposition
- All this political shit makes me cranky.

The good news:

- Watermelon season has begun
- My girlfriend has the most beautiful eyes in Texas
- Today is one of the finest people I've ever met online's birthday. Happy Birthday, Grey Bird!
Please hit the link and go over and wish her well. Thanks to her and Melly, I am still Blogging.

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