Wednesday, April 21, 2004


Now that Kathy got the boot, battle lines seem clearer in their murkiness.
Let's examine the remaining chuckleheads and see if we can sort things out, shall we?

We learned a valuable lesson in sociology from her mama's home video: when a white woman and black man have babies, the results can be flat out gorgeous. Alicia may have determination, grit and a frame full of hard muscles, but deep down she's a mama's girl with a soft side. That smile- wow. Was Rob sincere when he whispered his undying alliance to her? Nah, I think he was just hedging his bets, the scoundrel.
Big Tom:
I'd a liked to a seen him start t' bawlin durin his son's video. Yikes. His accent seems worse this go-around, but he's certainly less of a bullseye this time. By now, surely he's figured out his alliance with Rob was carved into sand, on the shore at low tide. If he has half a brain, he'll work with Rupert to get rid of Rob asap. Big if.
She better hope Rob keeps winning immunity challenges, but even that may not save her. If the other tribe members are smart, they'll aim for her next and try to made Rob too sad to keep kicking their asses in the competitions. This romance of hers may have helped her in the past, but I think the veneer has worn off. She's on thin ice.
Egads, when his wife and daughter (baby Rupert in girl form) appeared on the video from home, I started crying as much as he did. If he can muster even a fraction of the moxie he had in the last game, he needs to scramble everyone against Rob and Amber and get them outta there pronto. Can he pull it off? I doubt it. Sigh.
Who knew she had two kids? Anyway, she's pretty damn dispensable. If the tribe continues to be paralyzed by Ron and Amber fever, Jenna will get the next boot. She's not essential to anyone or anything, so that makes her dispensable. And she needs to skip using make-up unless she has a licensed cosmetologist supervising her. Ugh.
He's far cagier than anyone would have imagined, but winning immunity from here on is essential if he plans to win it all. I know most everyone wants him to lose, but I happen to think if he keeps winning immunity and playing the game with the same outlandish pluck, the little bastard deserves to win.
Shii Ann:
Ugh, I doubt she'll get the boot this time, but she should. So bland is she, she's likely to get second place because of it. She's no threat to anyone, and that alone is a threat.

Eclair and I will be at the Fiesta Band Festival on Thursday night, watching the marching bands from box seats on the 50-yard-line, about 12 rows up.
Though I will tape Survivor, I have a hunch I'd rather be watching it live than watching a high school marching band playing, "Louie, Louie."
But it's Fiesta in San Antonio, and one must make sacrifices.

My picks this time are either Jenna or Shii Ann.

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