Thursday, April 29, 2004

The Twins of Destruction Testify

Today's the day Chimpanzee-in-Chief Bush and his trainer Dick Cheney appear before the 9/11 Commission.

Get a load of the conditions they demanded before they'd appear:
1. Even though they were not together on 9/11, they've insisted on appearing together.
2. They insisted on meeting with the commission privately.
3. No video taping will be allowed.
4. No audio taping will be allowed.
5. No transcripts will be allowed to be made. Notes can be taken by commission members and the White House staff, but no media representatives or casual observers will be allowed in the room during the hearing.
6. Bush is bringing his lawyer and two staff members to make sure rules are followed.
7. The duo has refused to take an oath to tell the truth.
8. The Commission's interviews with President Clinton and President Gore were recorded.

Why all the secrets?
Why appear together, is it to get the story straight or is it because Bush hasn't a clue what went on, what's going on or what will go on next?
He calls himself a wartime president.
That's like me going on a freeway spree, crashing into as many cars as I can and calling myself an auto collision research expert.

The Bush administration's participation with the 9/11 Commission represents just a tiny fragment of the secrecy, the dishonesty and the dictatorial manner in which they have conducted themselves.
If Bush can't face the commission alone and testify under oath, on the record, then we need to ask ourselves why not.
Tell me why you think he refuses to do so.

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