Thursday, April 01, 2004

Survivor Tonight!

After last week's midseason recap, I think it's safe to expect a merge tonight.
It's about time.
Rumor has it, the merge won't be everyone moving into one big tribe. It'll be more like the producers evening out the lopsided, six to four ratio and making two tribes of five.
By now, we know Boston Rob is the definite overdog in this race.
Lex is probably his biggest threat, if you can call Lex a threat, so I think he's on the thinnest ice going into an eventual merge.
We also know Boston Rob and Amber are the show's first honest to goodness couple.
I'm thinking Boston Rob and Amber will be pulled apart in this temporary twist, but it won't last.
Now that the show's over, it seems not only are Rob and Amber still dating, Jenna and Ethan are a couple, according to a TV Guide thing I read. I can see that. Two bland, but nice kids. Mazel tov.
So, who's out tonight?
As we left it, the two tribes consisted of:
CHAPERA: Amber, Big Tom, Alicia, Boston Rob, Rupert and Jenna.
MOGO MOGO: Shii Ann, Lex, Kathy and Jerri.
Not knowing who'll be included in the mix-up, it's hard to guess who from which tribe will get the boot.
So I'll just say Jerri or Alicia, and I hope it's Jerri because Alicia's body is just too nice to see leave the island.

Your take?

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