Wednesday, April 14, 2004

More Bush Speeches, Please

I actually tuned in last night to see what the Resident could possibly have to say.
I couldn't be happier that he decided to hold a press conference. The more he talks, the more people can see he's the wrong man for the job.

This morning's AOL poll speaks volumes:

How would you rate President Bush's overall job performance?
- Poor 42%
- Excellent 32%
- Good 15%
- Fair 11%
How satisfied are you with what he said during his press conference?
- Not at all 47%
- Very 40%
- Somewhat 12%
Total Votes: 139,248

His speech was pure Condi Rice, right down to the, "We would have moved heaven and earth" line she used just last week. Even though it was obvious that he'd rehearsed the rote delivery of the speech, he just can't help converting subjects and verbs into disagreement.
Once he went extemporaneous in trying to answer questions, his stammering syntax and goofy grammar went even further south.
Not only that, his answers rarely reflected the questions, so it's clear he was given some pat answers to jam into context as best he could.
Trouble is, he couldn't do that well, either.
Also troubling was his utter refusal to issue any apologies, claim any culpability, any mistakes or any shortcomings on his part.
Leaders can delegate authority, but they cannot delegate responsibility.
When things go wrong, ultimately the leader is responsible and should accept the blame.
Things have gone very wrong under this administration's "leadership."
Bush has demonstrated that he believes himself to be infallible, or at least so competent he was unable to cite even one mistake he's made in the last three and a half years.
I won't even go into his plans to send more troops and more money to Iraq.
I'm afraid my head will explode if I start down that slippery slope.
Most telling was the expression on Condi Rice's face during his speech.
She looked as if the dog she thought she'd trained was taking a giant crap on the show judge's rug.
That's the point.
A dumb mutt can only be taught so much.

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