Wednesday, April 28, 2004

One Day Early Update: Survivor

I read the news today and Bush disgusts me so much, I decided to write the Survivor Blog a day early.

By now, we all know Shii Ann outlasted the others last week in the immunity challenge and saved her skin. We also know that the former Chaperas ganged up on my beloved Alicia and voted her out instead.
Please pause now to recall that touching scene where Rob pledged to Alicia, "a secret alliance." Feh. I spit on Rob's secret alliances.
Now let's pause again to envision Alicia in that red bikini. Ahhh.
The three people on the jury, Lex, Kathy and now Alicia, know Rob to be a miserable liar who cannot be trusted. Hard to win with that many burnt bridges, but who can say with this tribe of clueless nitwits?
This time, we all know Shii Ann's head is on the block so it's a foregone conclusion that she'll be leaving if she doesn't win immunity.
But what if she does?
Who we have left are Big Tom, Rupert, Jenna, Amber, Boston Rob and Shii Ann.
If not Shii Ann, I think it'll be either Jenna or Big Tom.
Why Jenna? Because Amba was ready two weeks ago to sacrifice her instead of Lex, and we know Amba with the stormin' face and smokin' ass rules Rob's roost.
Why Big Tom? Because Rupert only has one vote at tribal council and I haven't seen Tom with any other strong alliances.
Whoever gets the boot will go to the jury with some raging resentment toward Rob, unless it's Amber, whose hormones seem to do all her raging for her.
Like I've said many times before, Rob may be a cocky little know-it-all, but he's playing the game well and he's a strong competitor in the challenges.
Who's your pick? Besides Shii Ann, I mean...

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