Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Can You Imagine?

-What do you suppose the GOP would have done had they found a gay hooker working for a bogus news agency using an alias to obtain daily Secret Service passes to the White House for years on end?
-What do you suppose the GOP would have done had the Democrats selected a closeted gay man to run the DNC?
-What do you suppose the GOP would have done if tapes would have surfaced of Bill Clinton admitting he's used cocaine and marijuana, and how he planned to sidestep questions about it?
-What do you suppose would have happened if Clinton had a staff member who committed treason by outing a CIA agent, then refused to do anything to find the perpetrator?
-What do you suppose will happen when reporters are no longer given the legal right to keep sources confidential, and face jail time for honoring their ethical code to protect sources?
-What do you suppose will happen when government employees no longer feel safe in blowing the whistle on illegal, immoral or otherwise unsavory actions by their leaders?

If the mainstream media is so fucking liberal, why haven't they jumped all over these stories?

When the media loses its first amendment rights and protections, it's not a win for the GOP, it's a loss for the entire nation.
Unless I have contacted a Senator or member of Congress to complain and demand an investigation be launched into some or all of these serious problems, I am a part of the problem.
What about you?

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