Thursday, February 24, 2005

Survivor Tonight!

All is well in my world again- my best friend Anna is back from Ethiopia and we'll be wolfing down whole wheat rotini marinara with shaved parmesan and fresh herbs while we watch this latest batch of clowns compete.
Last week, Wanda and Jonathan got the boot before anything even began.
Wanda was booted for the jackass showtunes and that Marty Feldman eye that looked off to one side, and Jonathan because he failed to bond with Coby, the snippy gay boy who trashed him to everyone else.
Then Jolanda got the boot because, like I said, she was too ballsy for her own damn good.
Now we have to look at the remaining 17 and pick the next loser.
Good thing Angie and Coby are on different teams because I think one of them is gonna get it.
Angie's sweet but she's too different from this crowd of cookie cutter Yuppie scum. Coby's already proven himself to be too conniving and untrustworthy to go much further.
Coby is no Colby, that's for damn sure.
Your picks?

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