Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Thoroughly Modern Zipdrive

I bought my first cell phone in August. Now six months, later I finally decided to learn how to stick phone numbers in the little phone memory book.
Unbelievable how much more fun it is to see who is calling by name.
I found out I can even customize the rings- one for people I love, one for people I like, one for people I am waiting to hear from and one warning me that I do not want to answer under any conditions.
My sister the bigshot lawyer has her phone sound like a squawking chicken when my Mom calls her. Naturally, one day she was in a very bigshot meeting with her bosses... :D
Today my best friend Anna sent me my very first text message. I couldn't figure out how to text answer her request to meet me at a certain restaurant for lunch, so I replied, "Mmm."
Close enough.

So, what tricks have you taught your cell phone?

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