Sunday, February 20, 2005

White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan: Where the Boys Are?

Scott McClellan is the White House press secretary; having been promoted to replace Ari Fleischer as press secretary after he left the post on July 14, 2003. Previously he served as Deputy White House press secretary, Fleischer's assistant.

McClellan, 35, began working for President Bush, in 1999 as the deputy communications director, when Bush was the governor of Texas. He served as the traveling press secretary during the 2000 Presidential Campaign.

McClellan comes from a Texas political family. His mother, Carole Keeton Mc Clellan Rylander Strayhorn, is the Texas state comptroller and former mayor of Austin. McClellan is a three-time campaign manager for his mother.

His brother, Mark McClellan, the oldest of Scott's three brothers and now commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration and a former adviser to Bush.

His grandfather was the law school dean at the University of Texas

With that fine, conservative GOP pedigree, one has to wonder why he's alleged to have been spotted lately in a couple of Austin and San Antonio gay bars...

Maybe that's how gay escort and quasi-reporter "Jeff Gannon" came in the White House through the back door.
So to speak.

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