Thursday, August 11, 2005

Bank of India? India Online? Indian Express?

Dear Bank of America, America Online and American Express:

I have had occasion to call all of you in the last quarter to ask questions pertaining to my accounts.
Each time, a person sounding like Apu, the lovable Indian convenience store clerk from The Simpsons, has answered my call.
The difference is, Apu is fictional and lives in a fictitious American town, paying fictitious income taxes to America's coffers.
The three genuine Indians, with whom I spoke about my genuine accounts, had dubious names like Mark, Debbie and Bill.
They were most likely talking to me from their cubicles in Punjab, making low wages so the American companies who pay them can save money by not having to pay Americans (who use their services and pay taxes on their American wages).
I resent outsourcing.
I resent an administration which rewards big business by not taxing their offshore business dealings.
While I am sure Mark, Debbie and Bill are grateful for the pittance wages they earn from Bank of America, America Online and American Express, I just thought I'd remind everyone that those three corporations are fucking us by sending our jobs to third world countries like India.
And how can they get by with it?
Because George W. Bush, the man who couldn't care less about American wage earners, made sure they could.

Good day!


Sue S. said...

Don't forget Shitty Tank.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Shitty Tank, aka Citibank, outsources just as much, but at least they don't have the balls to have America or American in their company's name.
I think Bank of America should change their name to Bilk of America.

Julie said...


I talked with a guy in Mexico. He said outsourcing is really starting a boom down there. He said things are looking up.

At least someone is happy but what about US?

CLD said...

Another timely PSA brought to you by Karen Zipdrive.

Now... how do we go about changing these bullshit laws?

Karen Zipdrive said...

We change the laws by ousting the pro big business lawmakers and elect some people who represent the people, for a change.

Rule of thumb:
If the Bush administration is for it, I'm against it.
That philosophy has never failed me, not even once.

dusty said...

i too have had the lovely experience of talking to someone with an "american" name that i can barely understand.Outsourcing is here to stay unless we find a way to make it unprofitable for them or illegal..i do not see either of those things happening any time soon..

Karen Zipdrive said...

U.S. companies who set up little portable buildings offshore and call them their corporate headquarters are allowed to avoid paying a shitload of taxes to our government.
That's a loophole that needs to be glued shut.
But it'll stay wide open with the GOP running things.
They only care about money and the contributions they get from big business.
We the people are an annoyance unless they need our income taxes or warm bodies to send off to Bush's version of Viet Nam.
Bush loves to insulate himself from the average American. He can't be bothered by ordinary citizens.

choclosteve said...

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