Monday, August 29, 2005

Technical Difficulties

Due to some electrical problems in my home that will require professional electricians to repair, Pulp Friction will be idle for a few days.

Please send prayer cards and headache pain relievers to the following address:

Karen Zipdrive
c/o General Delivery
Electrical Hell
Armanda Leg, Texas


Holly in Cincinnati said...

good luck

The Educated Eclectic said...

Ditto that, Ms. Zipdrive

JimBob said...

I'll sacrifice a goat to the 'lectricity gods for ya.

The Educated Eclectic said...

Sacrifice a conservative instead, JB

thesis said...


Karen Zipdrive said...

The Good News:

My electrician restored power to my house.

The Bad News:

He had to jerry rig things until he can finish the actual repairs tomorrow. That means I am dicey about being on the computer much, lest his temporary repair ends up frying it.

biggsis said...

Good luck with your e zippy.

dusty said...

hope your back up..electrically speaking Karen :)

JimBob said...

It worked! I sacrificed a goat AND a conservative (good idea, Ms J)!

Welcome back, KZ.

Kate said...

Funny, I was just thinking about volunteering to hire an electrician to do a few little odd jobs around here, before winter sets in and freezes everything up. I'd like a lightswitch (and a light) in the garage so I could stop using a flashlight, a way to plug in my heated doggie water dish on the back porch so I don't have to slog fresh, unfrozen water out there several times a day, the poltergeist in the range top to stop making the burners look like a scene out of Close Encounters ... stuff like that.

I bet he charges at least $100 per hour. Shoot... Did you have to take out a loan?