Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Bush, Bush, Bush.
You stupid bastard.

Here's the thing.
Bush didn't have the votes in the Senate to confirm John Bolton as our United Nations Ambassador, so he waited till their August break and shoved him down our collective throats.
Bolton was greeted on his first day on the job by a booing sidewalk crowd.
Bush said he had to do it because it's such a crucial time- we are in a war, he said.
We are in a war?
I thought Bush said we had prevailed and the war was over, when he stood on that aircraft carrier so long ago under the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner.
Okay, so now he admits the war is still on. Someone must have mentioned it to him.
So, why on Earth would he appoint a guy who openly hates the UN almost as much as his former colleagues and employees hated him?
With Bush's arrogance and unilateral aggression causing so much hatred of America throughout the world, isn't this sort of a good time to get the concept of "united nations"?
Bush said doesn't read newspapers or pay attention to polls.
Maybe he should.
He apparently has no clue that American news leaks out all over the world, and that 190 other U.N. delegates know that Bush selected to represent our interests a total bully of a prick who hates the very idea of the UN's existence.
Gee, do you think Bolton will suddenly charm his fellow delegates and create a more favorable image of Americans within the UN? Do you think he can force his will on other delegates who knew he was a prick before he even took his seat?
And what does Bush do after he sticks us with Bolton?
He goes back to Crawford for a month long vacation. This is his 50th trip to Crawford in the last five years.
What American president has ever goofed off this much?
Or is he just hiding in a place where the media can't get to him and question him about his secretive, inexperienced nominee for the Supreme Court?
His office said he planned to host many foreign leaders at the "ranch" this month.
He may host some of his buddies from Saudi Arabia, but you can be damn sure he's not going to be barbecuing for anyone he doesn't already consider a friend. Besides, even if he had a shred of diplomacy, who the hell would want to spend even a weekend in Crawford at the hottest time of the year? Crawford in August is a snake-infested sauna, with nothing to do. The nearest town is notoriously homely Waco, which doesn't even offer decent Tex Mex food.
And where is Cheney? Is he in his secure bunker, hiding too?
Who the hell is running things in Washington? Are we no longer on red/orange/yellow alert of some kind?
Bush just doesn't give a damn.
He doesn't care what we think of him or what he does.
He's the worst president in history, because he just doesn't get it.
And he never will.


JimBob said...

IMHO, Psycho-Cowboy was predestined to do an end-run around the Senate to install Bolton. He knew he was gonna do it, all his staff knew he was gonna do it. The Repube party knew he was gonna do it. I'll bet even the Dems knew he was gonna do it.

My prediction as The Great Soothsayer: now the Dems, for retribution, will do their best to filibuster or otherwise block Bush's "secretive, inexperienced nominee for the Supreme Court" and then we'll see the Repubes pull the nuclear option out again.

THAT would be fun to watch.

Karen Zipdrive said...

All Bush has to do is release the documents Roberts had a hand in while he worked for the White House so the legislature can get an idea of his positions on various issues.
This is a position for life, the American public deserves to know what the guy stands for.
It's just this easy: if you are being interviewed for a job, how far would you get by continually answering, "I'm not gonna tell you"?

CLD said...

All he had to do was release the documents requested with regard to Bolton, but he wouldn't do that either. Democrats had promised not to filibuster Roberts if the WH played ball with them on Bolton. Bush basically said ,"sure", then turned right around and said, "fuck you" by giving Bolton the recess appointment. Dems now need to completely block the process on Roberts. Maybe that's been the plan all along? So Bush can then nominate an even more staunch neocon to the SCOTUS...?

Karen Zipdrive said...

With Bush, all we need to do is imagine the worst case scenario, then count on him to go us one better.