Friday, August 05, 2005

If I Were a Pious, Right-wing Christian Lady

If I were one of those gentle, Godly types, I believe I'd be aghast at the way my conservative leaders have stooped to the level of us Democrats and used vulgarity in their social discourse.
Yesterday, their dear media ally Mike Novak said "bullshit," during family hour on CNN.
Vice President Dick told venerated Democratic Senator Leahy to "go fuck himself" in the Senate Chamber.
The president has shot the finger so many times in public, one only need Google, "Bush shooting the finger" and find more than 13,500 references to the assorted occasions he did so.
During the first campaign, on the podium they shared, Bush pointed out a NY Times reporter and said, not knowing the mike was on, "There's that major league asshole," to which Cheney replied, "Big time," earning him the nickname, "Big Time" for life.
The list goes on.
As any good Republican politician or pundit might describe it, these fuckers are some phony ass, self-righteous, faux religious motherfuckers who need to wash out their nasty pie-holes with lye soap.

Leave the swearing to us Democrats, who have plenty of shit to swear about, thanks to you phony GOP bastards.


Mike said...

the interesting (read: crazy) thing about some (many? most??) born-again christians is that it truly doesn't matter what one does, it's what one believes that counts...

scary, huh?

Karen Zipdrive said...

It is scary.
And you can add to the list of GOP potty mouth politicians as of this week.
Upon thinking the mike was off, Texas Governor and closet queen Rick Perry said to a reporter once he got out of earshot, "Adios, MoFo."

dusty said...

i love this post..its fantastic..points out with great care that the two-faced rat bastards that run our country are in reality self-serving we didnt' know that already right? too bad the christian right can't figure it out..

Karen Zipdrive said...

Christians- the ones who back Bush, at least, are guided by fear, judgmental natures and hatred toward those who differ from their narrow views.
I believe Jesus would have distanced himself from most of them.
Old school Christian leaders like the Reverend Billy Graham steer clear of imbeciles like Bush 43. They get it.