Tuesday, August 16, 2005

More BU__SH__ from Camp Casey

Last night, some local Crawford redneck used his pickup truck to mow down a row of crosses on the roadside near Ms. Sheehan's vigil site, each bearing the name of a fallen American soldier in Iraq.
The imbecile was not apprehended by Crawford's Barney Fife law enforcement goobers, but he was apprehended 30 minutes after the vandalism when area sheriffs noticed a pickup driving by with its tires punctured by wooden white crosses.
Can you imagine what Fox News would say if a pro choice person mowed down a symbolic line of crosses representing aborted fetuses near the Bush "ranch"?
This is some serious bullshit.
One more reason to be sick of faux Christian Bush and his violence inspiring messages.
Someone should be checking his scalp for the 666 tattoo.


Karen Zipdrive said...


Thanks to my brilliant team of Internet Detectives, if I were someone named
Jeff A. from Indiana, I'd ride one of my patients into the sunset before all hell breaks loose.

JimBob said...

Well, now in all fairness, Karen, the moral minority and the far-right Christian nut-cases have laid claim to being the only legitimate users of "The Cross" (patent pending).

So if some evil godless satan-worshipper (i.e. someone who disagrees with the repubes) uses The Cross for their own benefit...well then the right-wingers have the god-given right to violence! After all, IT'S IN THE BIBLE!!!

Matt, we'll miss you! Maybe I'll stop by and say hi next time my cat is sick!

CLD said...

I guess since the truck had obvious signs of having done something most likely illegal [ie, crosses stuck in tires], the deputies had no choice but to pull his stupid ass over and arrest him. Fucking rednecks... do they think anything through?

Jeff -- er, Matt, do indoor cats still need the whole boatload of vaccinations every year?

Mileah said...

I saw some pictures that my boss took when he was there and the crosses really choked me up.

Must be a new way to "support the troops"...mowing down their memorials that is.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Chari, I doubt the cross-wrecking "ick-up" driver will suffer more than a $10 fine and a couple of 'attaboy slaps on the back.

Once again, rural Texas catches up with rural Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi as the home of the stupidest rednecks and most politically incorrect, bribable police in America.

There is no justice North of Austin.

JimBob said...

There's not much South of Austin, either...

Karen Zipdrive said...

Hell, in San Antonio there are quite a few cops also in the National Guard who are worried sick about being shipped off to Bush's Vietnam.
You don't get as much, 'we love Bush' horseshit around these parts as we used to.
Even my older friend Maitland, a staunch GOP, was saying yesterday the war and the outrageous gas prices were starting to get on his nerves.
As a WWII vet, he sure as hell thought Ms. Sheehan had a right to protest the death of her son anywhere she wanted.
So what if Bush's five-week vacation gets fucked up? His last vacation in April should have tided him over, the lazy bastard.

P.S. The cheapest gas prices I saw today were $2.46 a gallon. That's in Texas, at one of those Punjabi-owned convenience stores where the gas is watered down.
Apparently a lot of car-vacations are being fucked up this year.

lazydog said...

I paid $2.49 here in western NY today. Craaaazy. Sorry I've been out of the loop lately. Busy, busy.

It's been so hot and dry here that the bees are out in force. Molly got stung by a bee and her face swelled up. We had to take her to the vet and get shots. Now we have to give her Benadryl...

Matt, (or is it Jeff how) long should we keep giving the Benadryl? Just until the swelling goes down?

Holly in Cincinnati said...

The cross-mower may be the same as the shooter.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Holly, I think not.
Ignorant rednecks are not scarce in Crawford- there are plenty to go around and get their own, separate assignments from the Prairie Chapel Ranch hatemongers.

JimBob said...

Here's the latest: a relative of the shooter living in the same area, has allowed the protesters to use his land, saying that he supports their cause!!!

Now the protesters are even CLOSER to Bush!

It just keeps getting better.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Good for whoever that was. I hope he likes the audit from the IRS.

Let's not forget that the Crawford newspaper endorsed Kerry.

Karen Zipdrive said...

The guy who donated his land to Ms. Sheehan and her 1,000 new anti-war friends to use is the cousin of that dumb ass redneck with the shotgun.
Now the protesters are even closer to Bush's Media Avoidance Ranch.

The Educated Eclectic said...

I hope the protesters will stay now that Cindy is seeing her mother who had a stroke.

JimBob said...

I hope so, too. But causes can easily fall apart when the central figure departs.

Let's hope there's enough momentum for the IDEAL to take center stage in Cindy's absence.

Karen Zipdrive said...

The neo-cons will blame Ms. Sheehan for causing the mother's stroke.
Watch and see.