Monday, August 08, 2005

Television Blog

Six Feet Under
Does Brenda get to keep Maya now that Nate's dead?
Does she get his share of the funeral home?

Has anyone seen this show yet?
I saw it for the first time last night. I think it might send marijuana sales soaring.

Queer As Folk
That was a pretty damn good final show. I will miss QAF and I don't think The L Word comes even close to filling its shoes. You?

The Surreal Life
How has Janice Dickinson survived this many years without being killed?
Why do people keep hiring Omarosa to be on reality shows?

Peter Jennings
I was shocked by his death. I knew he had cancer but I thought he'd be cured. I liked him.
I guess Charlie Gibson will replace him. That's fine with me.


John Howard said...

I thik Brenda and Ruth are going to have a problem regarding who gets Maya.

Mileah said...

Unfortunately, this is the last season of SFU so they will have to wrap up the Maya thing pretty quick.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Maybe David and Keith will make a play for Maya.
I think a judge would take a good look at Ruth and decide she's too wacko to take on a toddler.

Karen Zipdrive said...

After watching the replay, it's easy to see Brenda can't cope with Maya. Looks like Ruth will end up with her.