Monday, May 08, 2006

As Clyde Sees It

As you know, I frequently correspond with my political nemesis Clyde, nee Barcodeking.
I just had to share this cultured pearl of wisdom he sent me today:

" It's probably oversimplifying things, but I suspect that the real difference between Republicans and Democrats is that the majority of Republicans probably think that America is by and large a force for good in the world, and a majority of Democrats probably don't."

How would YOU respond to that?


Shelley said...

I (a liberal who generally votes Democrat) think that America is by and large a force for good in the world, but I believe that our leaders (and sometimes our people) sometimes begin to believe that this makes us inherently *better* than everyone else in the world, which then leads them/us to make decisions and take actions that are (and/or are perceived as) domineering, paternalistic, and ultimately even end up taking advantage of the very countries and people we purport to want to help. So I believe that we *have been* and *could/Should be* a far better force in the world than we currently are.

Wonder what Clyde would say to that?

Elayne said...

He means "force its definition of 'good' upon the world," right?

How does he define "good"? Rampant capitalism and other policies that increase the gap between haves and have-nots? Torture and extradition? Supplying weapons to perpetuate wars? Repubs love to use nebulous code words that they never define, like "freedom" and "good" - so I'd ask him to define the nebulous word.

dusty said...

I would tell that dipshit extraordinaire ..actions speak louder than words..

With that said I would then commence to point out all the lies, bullshit and illegal crap his boy the Shrub has managed to pull off in a scant five years..then ask him how the hell is that a force for good?

What a lemming..I would buy him a ticket on the Good ship Titanic aka the Shrub's sinking ship.

I don't know what clyde is smoking..but I want some if it puts you that out of touch w/reality.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I have invited Clyde to come to my comments box and illuminate his point of view.
I do hope his chicken suit is not at the cleaners.

CLD said...

You mean like how Iraq having WMDs morphed into removing Saddam because he's a "bad man"? There's an example of our "goodness".

The U.S.A. can be such a wonderfully effective instrument of goodness in the world. We can and have assisted with the fight toward the end of hunger, the defeat of diseases and the triumph over hate and fear.

Alas, we so often arrogantly believe our "good" view is the only good view and we end up becoming pompous asses, trying to force other cultures to accept our ways. Hence, my change in wording -- I'd prefer to be an instrument or conduit instead of a *force* for good.

Anyway, Clyde's an asshat. He's still looking at the world through his repug-colored, partisan glasses, where everything is black and white.

Holly in Cincinnati said...

I disagree with Clyde.

BigSis said...

So Clyde believes that Republicans are right because they think America is a good force, and Democrats are wrong because they don't. I'll bet he also believes his god can beat up my god.

The Republicans don't hold a monopoly on patriotism, all Americans believe the U.S. can be a force for good. But anyone with half a brain knows that U.S. force in the hands of greedy idiots and zealots can be used for evil too. Here in America when the dominant political group uses the "force" of the U.S. to do evil(torturing detainees, raping the environment, illegally eavesdropping on US citizens etc etc etc) the opposing political group has a duty to redirect the government to be a force for good. A whopping 78% of U.S. citizens don't support the way Bush is using the force of our country. We say Bush is using U.S. force to do evil, and we won't tolerate it. And "we" are both Republicans and Democrats.

KZ, I don't mind arguing political issues with reasonable people. But Clyde doesn't know shit about politics or government. His faith and loyalty lie with Bush, not his country.

dusty said...

What she said..bigsis

Mike said...

i believe our country is - over the long haul - a force for good in the world.

our country, however, makes mistakes.

our country also sometimes acts in its own interest (or perceived interest) without regard to the greater good.

lastly, especially recently, our country has been deceived to think the very narrow view of some represents our nation's true interests...

Karen Zipdrive said...

Clyde once again has shown that he's a chest-beating gorilla during private e-mail, but he lacks the conviction and the balls to face people who can slap down all of his GOP soundbyte-stolen views.
My blog and my archives haven't had to be altered or deleted and I've always allowed comments, but he dumped his former blog and still blocks comments because, in retrospect, he's been uniformly full of shit.
Like his Republican heroes, he's too cowardly to face opposition.
Game, set, match.

Lulu Maude said...

I would shove his Pinocchio nose into AMERICAN THEOCRACY, which he's too empty-headed to read.

Poor Clyde... wants to be one of the big boys... if he kisses enough ass, will he grow?

Anonymous said...

[Off Topic (although, I do reserve the right to come back later and have my say on "Clyde")]

Mary Cheney's book has its first customer review:
Now It's my Turn: A Daughter's Chronicle Of Political Life

Karen Zipdrive said...

Loved the booklet reviews.
Clyde's hard drive crashed--too many rounds of whatever video game he is now addicted to.

BigSis said...

One of the reviewers of Mary's book compared her to Andrew Sullivan - selfish, self-righteous, and even narcissistic, ouch. An unaccomplished child of fame too, wow.

Sounds a whole lot like W to me.

dusty said...

bigsis nailed it again..

Clyde's hd crashed? aw..ain't that a shame? :P

I own a crosseyed siamese cat named clyde..and a fat white cat named scooter.

not that it means anything..just thought I would share that :P

Karen Zipdrive said...

Great comparison to Andrew Sullivan.
Once he turned against Bush I linked his blog to my site, but then I started reading his blather and de-linked him.
He and his fellow 'journalist' Jeff Gannon Guckert can go fuck each other...if they haven't already.