Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bush Polls Dipping and Britney's Pregnant Again

Stupidity is the theme of this post.
The New York Times reports Bush is slipping further into the cesspool of public opinion: and Britney Spears has been knocked up again by Kevin Federline, the George W. Bush of music.
We all probably remember the scene in "Fahrenheit 911," where a gum chomping Britney Spears said she thought "we should just trust the president."
Looks like she trusts too many underachieving dimwits.
It's gratifying to know that the lemmings who voted for Bush are starting to realize they squandered their votes on a no-account slacker who trusts his own gut without benefit of historical insight.
The biggest snafus that are influencing Bush's plummeting approval ratings are the fucked up mess in Iraq and the outrageous gas prices that even Hummer drivers are starting to resent.
As a Texan who has observed more pick-up trucks per capita than any city I've ever visited, I am ever amazed by how many used car dealers I see with used pick-up trucks and jumbo SUVs making up the majority of their inventories.
I mean, who among us could afford to gas up a Ford F350 pick-up with a V8 engine?
As for the middle east, my big sister made a wise comment via e-mail. She said Iranians are just now experiencing their first taste of prosperity-- they don't want to be invaded and they are willing to talk.
Will Bush squander the opportunity to maintain the fragile peace with Iran, or will he commit money and troops we don't have on another invasion?
Well, all I can say is, I'm covered.
I don't own any Britney Spears music and I've never voted for anyone named Bush.
I find stupidity annoying, and I always have.


larkohio said...

Well, Bush should have even lower poll numbers. He has failed at everything he has put his hand to, and cannot even speak in an intelligent way.

As for Brittany, who cares?

The Educated Eclectic said...

It seems that we are heading straight into war with is part of the 'master' PNAC plan, and no apparent attempts at diplomacy will stop it...sad to say.

larkohio said...

Ms. J. Please, please, be wrong about Iran! No more war!

The Educated Eclectic said...

I hope so, but some inevitable things I see happening, that were planned for at least 20 years, and solidified in the PNAC statements of principle in 1997:

1. Rumsfield and his role in obliterating the CIA - making the US a military gov't if not in name
2. War and more war, and all in the middle east, world domination
3. Jeb Bush for prez

It is pretty horrible, and I hope, hope I am wrong...

But it looks to be going according to plan.

And they counted on the apathetic US population, combined with the uber-religious sheeple to vote how they are commanded (from pastors made extremely rich by the faith-based initiatives and tax-free status).

And what they counted on, happened.

larkohio said...

Ms. J. I hope that you are wrong, and I also hope with the poll numbers so low, that our fellow Americans are finally coming to their senses, and realizing that the far right is not the answer.

Bush has created disaster after disaster, and we are going to spend a long time getting out of his messes.

So, my dear Ms. J. I hope you are wrong, and there will be no more war!

Lulu Maude said...

I wondered if our fellow Americans would ever come to their senses... guess it takes high gas prices to get their attention... sigh.

Loved the headline on this one. Such pairing!

dusty said...

God yes, the headline freaked me out..but as lulu said..excellent:P

The only time americans pay attention is when it hits them in the wallet.Its a fact..and a sad one.

As for war with Iran..the Russians are telling Condo to sit the fuck down and least the UN security rep for Russia did the other nite..who knew russia would be the voice of reason..not moi.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I doubt Jeb Bush has a chance in Hell of getting appointed as President. People have had enough of the Bushes, I believe.
As for war with Iran- who's Bush gonna send in, the guys who are no longer delivering Telegrams for Western Union?
Or will he just use Air Force planes to bomb them into a parking lot? I somehow doubt he'd get by with that. The term 'mass mutiny' comes to mind.

BigSis said...

I knew that fat ass Jeb would eventually try to get his foot in the presidential door. Old Bush said over 50 years ago that his kids would overshadow the Kennedy's in politics.
And now here's W saying Jeb would make a great president. Jeb even has those "little brown ones" to curry favor with the latinos.

Scarey as it is, I'm afraid to say ms. j is right on the money with her comments.

They immediately interpreted the letter from Iran to mean that Iran intends to blow the world up.

In a fairly run election there's no way another Bush could make it in. BUT, the days of fair election practices is over. Can you say D-i-e-b-o-l-d?

And yes, today they announced that although there basically aren't anymore boots to put on the ground, the way the U.S. could stop Iran is by air. Just put the computers on automatic and bomb the crap out of them from a safe distance away. Like playing a video game, clean hands and all.

The Educated Eclectic said...

Big Sis - it is Diebold that will get them through this next election...unless military law is put into place (the former is more likely).

People need to hear the "hard" stuff - those who have enough intelligence to help us do something about it.

Larkie - I hope I am wrong, but we have to say it out loud - to face the impending monster - before it hits us first, unawares.

Love to all,
Ms. J

larkohio said...

You are right, Ms. J. but I still don't like it, and it appears, everyone on this blog, including you do not like it either! :-)

The Educated Eclectic said...

Sure do not...actually, my worries about this are affecting my work...hard to concentrate on writing stories, when all of this stuff is going on.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I worried too in the months just before Nixon stepped down.
It seemed like evil was winning-then one was all over.
Replacing Tricky Dick was the dopiest of the dopey, Jerry Ford, a man so oafish he once bit into and ate the corn shuck of a tamale during a Texas campaign appearance.

Not to fear, my dears, the drums you hear faintly pounding in the background are the heralding of the end of BushCo.

I just know it's true.