Monday, May 22, 2006

Baghdad ER

I saw most of the HBO documentary "Baghdad ER" last night and was devastated by the view I saw of the war from the military medical community's perspective.
Please find a way to see this movie.
Anyone with half a heart will want to see this senseless war end immediately after seeing our military troops suffering the grotesque violence Bush's actions have caused.
Have you seen it?
Tell us about what you saw.


dusty said...

The amount of service personnel that are maimed is staggering..and the MSM doesn't give us a clue about that. Another generation that will suffer their entire lives because of a stupid worthless war.

I had a very hard time watching it. I cried alot, I was shocked and awed most of the time.

Karen Zipdrive said...

It was hard to see, but anyone who supports Bush in this senseless war should be forced to watch it before they are allowed to utter another word about the war.
We'll be supporting 100% disabled soldiers for the next 60 years.
Nothing wrong with caring for disabled veterans, but the government should do all it can to create as few disabled vets as possible.
Iraq has been a colossal waste of our nations' most precious resources- and for what?

BigSis said...

Tried to watch it but it made me angry and very sick. This type of stuff needs to be shown on mainstream tv so the average American can see exactly what they're supporting.

Loss of lives and limbs, and for what?

Karen Zipdrive said...

Sis, you ought to consider sucking it up and watching the whole thing.
It'll strengthen your resolve even more than it is already.

dusty said...

The news today is about that asshat at the VA who took home data on millions of soldiers and someone stole security numbers and the whole nine yards..and they are trying to say he wasn't involved? Give me a did he take it home for?