Monday, May 22, 2006

My One Annual Sports Blog

The reigning world champion San Antonio Spurs lost to the Dallas Mavericks tonight in overtime, giving the Mavs their second round win in the NBA semi finals.
It seems their coach, Avery Johnson, took everything he learned as a player under Spurs coach Greg Popovich and applied it to his coaching debut. He won Coach of the Year based on what Pop taught him.
Once called, "The Little General" while he was a Spurs player, in San Antonio he's now called, "the Little Traitor."
He's a great coach, the little gator-mouthed bastard. He's also one of the few black coaches in the NBA, which is insane considering the sport is dominated by superb black players, and almost always has been.
Dallas will face whomever wins between the LA Clippers and the Phoenix Suns.
The Clippers are owned by the cheapest bastard in NBA history. I'm amazed they could put together a winning team with the low salaries he pays the players. That's to their credit.
Had the Spurs won this round, I'd have rooted for the Clippers because we would have beaten them senseless.
But now that it's Dallas going into the third and final round of the Western Conference, I hope the Suns beat the Clippers like rented mules.
The Suns are mean little devils, fronted by that goofy looking little Canadian hoser Steve Nash. He's an amazing player, considering he's tiny and white.
But even as the season ends for my beloved Spurs, there is a silver lining to this years NBA finals:
The loathsome L.A. Lakers lost early in the semis.
Kobe Bryant, my ass. He's no Michael Jordan, and he never will be.


Karen Zipdrive said...

The Suns beat the Clippers last night. Watch out, Dallas.

dusty said...

As a former residents of the valley of the sun..I will be rooting for Phoenix. Hell, I still have a jersey with Danny Ainge's name on it :P I loved Danny when he played for the Celts.

Sorry bout their loss KZ..I know how much you love your b-ball.

Karen Zipdrive said...

If Dallas wins the NBA finals, it will take some of the sting out of them beating my Spurs.
Plus, the title will stay in Texas, which slightly mitigates the claim that Bush the blue-blooded Yankee is from Texas.
But then Dallas killed John Kennedy and I pretty much hate that city...but not as much as I hate Phoenix- the hottest place North of Hell.
So I think I may skip this series.