Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mary Mary, Quite Contrary

Big Dick's lesbian daughter Mary Cheney was interviewed by Diane Sawyer on 20/20 Thursday night, promoting her new book, "Now It's My Turn..."
I've scanned a few queer lefty blogs and there's been plenty of venom spewed in her direction, but I mainly feel sorry for her.
She traded being true to herself, her sexual orientation and the concept of basic equal rights for lots of money and family influenced political expedience.
She makes more than $100 grand a year shilling for her daddy.
She cleans up pretty nice. They femmed her up with diamond earrings, a femme hairdo and muted smoky eye shadow. She's definitely do-able, if one could ignore her convoluted politics and worship of the mighty buck.
She's also articulate and poised.
But she didn't say anything that would compel me to read her book.
She dodged the hard questions with the skill of any Republican flack, and of course Diane Sawyer let her slide.
Not to worry, Dick, she didn't rock the GOP boat one iota.
She even said she'd vote for George Bush again--even if her daddy wasn't in the picture. She said Bush "was a good man."
One of my sisters has a lesbian partner who not long ago ran for judge as a Republican.
She wasn't a Republican, she claimed, but she wanted to defeat the incumbent female Democrat so she ran as a Republican "in name only."
Sorry, but I didn't buy it.
If she had any integrity, she would have taken on the incumbent Democrat and let the fur fly.
She was defeated, so now she works as a criminal defense attorney who represents child molesters, rapists, crack dealers and murderers.
Hey, the money's good. She even has a giant screen TV she got as payment from a crack dealer.
But, like Mary Cheney, she traded her soul when she ran for office as a Republican.
After I learned that little factoid about her, I tried my best to like her for the sake of my sister, but the sad truth is, she lives her life and acts like a Republican.
She's pretentious, she looks down on those who earn less, she is inconsiderate and elitist.
She's even haughty toward my other sister because she practices law that benefits the downtrodden, and as a result, pays less.
Both Mary Cheney and my sister's Republican, pedophile-defending partner have the right to act and believe as they wish. Neither seems to care about the adage, "to thine own self be true."
But I respect neither of them, and have no interest in reading either of their stories.
I know their stories.
They're sellouts.


Anonymous said...

Well darn! I missed the interview! Does Mary clean up as well as Karen "Sasquatch" Hughes? You know the saying: "You can put lipstick on a pig but,..."

I really don't see this little foray into writing doing much for her image. Who do you think put her up to writing this book? Ken Mehlman? The same Ken Mehlman, the slack-jawed yokel with his mouth hanging open at the correspondent's dinner last weekend hee-hawing at Bush and his clown show? Who do you think the target audience is for her book? Oh, I'm sure as soon as Mommy Cheney buys up thousands of copies and throws them in an undisclosed basement somewhere, the book's ratings will skyrocket on Amazon.

Oh well, I'll certainly do my part. I'll try to read it if I think my stomach can handle it. Then,... COUNT on me reviewing it on amazon. Now, I know what you're thinking... "Penny, try to keep an objective, open mind about this. Don't prejudge!" OK, I'll try.

By the way, Mary makes much more than the $100K/year shilling for her daddy. She has a "legitimate" job at AOL doing "something." Doesn't she have a home-ec degree? Maybe she writes food reviews for AOL, who knows...

Anonymous said...

I meant to add the link to Mary's book on Amazon earlier:

Now It's my Turn: A Daughter's Chronicle Of Political Life

I suppose if I hope that it's really the sequel to her mother's bodice ripper "Sisters" I'll be greatly disappointed, right? Oh, and by the way, I hope I didn't offend anyone by wondering if Mary had a degree in home-ec and wrote food reviews. I like people with home-ec degrees and people who write food reviews.

Holly in Cincinnati said...

I voted in the Republican primary Tuesday specifically for the purpose of voting against Ken Blackwell.

Anonymous said...

Holly, I'm so proud of you! Ohio needs more civic-minded citizens who will ensure that Blackwell goes down in flames.

On a slightly different note, I think everyone should register as Republicans this year and in 2008 so that the Republican party will overestimate their support and be totally flabbergasted and unable to explain why so many of their "registered voters" voted Democratic. Ken Mehlman should go down in flames. Better yet, tie him to a stake first like Joan d'Arc.

dusty said...

OOHHH..i like your idea Penny..just to fuck w/them I might..I am registered independant now..that way no one can figure out what my dumbass is gonna do.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I could never register as a GOP just to fuck with their expectations.
I mean, what if I sustained a serious head injury and the medics found a GOP voter registration in my billfold?
What if I had amnesia after I came out of my coma and thought I was really a Republican?
And who is Ken Blackwell and what did he do?

Anonymous said...

Good point Karen! What would be the use of wearing clean underwear like your mother told you, only to be in a car accident and found with a GOP voter registration card!?! *shudder* I just wish there were some way to screw up the Republican polling numbers so they would never know what the truth was...

I'm not expert on Ken Blackwell, perhaps Holly can fill you in, but I think he is/was Secretary of State for Ohio (Oversees state records, elections and voting, registration of corporations and organizations, and similar functions. Includes election results.) and is directly responsible for the election fiasco in 2004.

CLD said...

Well-written, once again, Zippy. :)

How does your sister take your feelings and thoughts about her partner? I bet things can get pretty strained at family get-togethers.

Karen Zipdrive said...

My sister and I are polite to one another on the rare occasions when we communicate, but I prefer not to spend time in the company of her partner, and that appears to be a mutual preference.
The entire situation is mitigated, however, by the great love I have for my big sister's partner of nearly 20 years. She is a gem among gems.

BigSis said...

I saw Mary's interview and she looks exactly like Dana Carvey as the Church Lady. I mean exactly like him! And Diane pointed out that Mary "has her Dad's crooked smile." Now really KZ, that's not doable at all.

I think she's as loathsome as the old man and only suddenly has an opinion she wants to sell because her daddy and Bush have one foot on a banana peel. Once daddy's out of office her gravy train with biscuit wheels will come to a gringing halt. Just like her daddy, its totally about the money.

She's had a relationship with a woman for 14 years, and that moocher helped Mary run Dick's campaign last election. Two money hungry frumps with faces carved out of cornbread (a KZism). I'd take a money bet they refer to themselves as "gals."

As for the book, I'm not putting any of my money in the pockets of Mary Cheney or Tom Cruise because they're both frauds.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Uh oh. I must need to get laid if I'm thinking Dana Carvey-looking Mary Cheney looked do-able.
Actually, the truth is I was taking a stab at being fair and balanced before I skewered her.