Friday, May 26, 2006

Bye Bye, Kenny Boy

"The jury has spoken and they have sent an unmistakable message to boardrooms across the country that you can't lie to shareholders, you can't put yourself in front of your employees' interests, and no matter how rich and powerful you are you have to play by the rules."
- SEAN M. BERKOWITZ, the director of the Justice Department's Enron Task Force.


dusty said...

Gunshots at the House Office Parking Garage..but they can't find anyone..god are these guys pathetic or what???

Ken Lay needs to be violated physically, he violated america's trust and made my life a living hell.
I can't find a pic of him in prison orange dammit.

Lulu Maude said...

There's a great post on scumbags who call on the Lord when they're immersed in shit:

dusty said... read the Aravosis blog parody yet? PSP has the link up..its worth a lol.

The Educated Eclectic said...

The cameras in the garage of the Capitol office building were "not working" and/or "not monitored"

Good grief.

dusty said...

Nice..after 9-11 you would think such things would be taken care of..but then..we still can't find Bin Laden who's dragging around a kidney dialysis machine in the mountains of Afganistan.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Love the Aravosis Blog.
They want money and they don't want girls, just like the real thing.

dusty said...

It is a good site..much better than Harriet Miers..and you know that "big girl" Aravosis is just going off the deep end over throw it back in his face. Some sites were jerking Americablog out all nite and Aravosis was up deleting the hell out of their comments..

Must be tough being a legend in your own mind..

Karen Zipdrive said...

The real Aravosis is probably out on his terrace with his minions, chopping up his orchid plants, a la Joan Crawford with her adopted kids, tearing up her rose garden.
I always thought Aravosis was a woman hater- it was great to see whoever started the parody Blog caught that, too.
Poor John will have to do a new round of begging for donations now-to replace his rage-damaged orchids.

dusty said...

You did call him that as long as six months ago I yes, you saw thru his bs..good for you. I just always thought of him as a pompous cut-n-paster unless it was a gay issue then he would actually write something besides just being snarky. He did have a "beg" up today..I notice he took it down when I went over looking for the threads to his ranting about the "minorities" bitching.

Kate R said...

dollar store sushi! (over at Johnny-As)
Oh man.
That made my day. Thank you, tuna-mama.

I'm big, a gurl and I didn't have much a problem with John's post. His response though? reeeeeeked worse than a highschool boy's locker room after football practice.

I mean he elminated my strawberry raspberry rhubarb pie recipe, the bastard.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Which John- the real one with the beady eyes or Johnny A-List?

Kate R said...

you mean you wrote about dollar store sushi in BOTH blogs?

John A, the orchid man: His response stank. Couldn't be bothered to take the time and effort to say "sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings, that wasn't my intention."

Johnny A, the orca man: His response was silly and rocked.

I took Orchid John's advice and buggered off. I haven't been back to see if the last long thread got erased. I hadn't bothered to think about it again until guanna pointed out Johnny A's blog.