Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Emotional Elder Bush Attacks Son's Critics

"SAN ANTONIO, Texas (March 30) - An emotional former President George H.W. Bush on Tuesday defended his son's Iraq war and lashed out at White House critics.
It is "deeply offensive and contemptible" to hear "elites and intellectuals on the campaign trail" dismiss progress in Iraq since last year's overthrow of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, the elder Bush said in a speech to the National Petrochemical and Refiners Association annual convention."

Oh, fer Chrissakes.
Elder Bush is in town collecting another bushel of cash for speechmaking to rich oil guys, and what does he bitch about? The record high prices of gasoline to our nation's drivers?
Hell, no.
He's whining about his fuck-up son, and how people are complaining that he's a fuck-up.
We fail to see the progress in Iraq? What progress? Aren't Americans still dying there? Aren't we still paying out the nose to rebuild that which his son directed we tear down?
We didn't ask to invade Iraq, we wanted Bin Laden and his evil crew tracked down and brought to justice. Now we are supposed to applaud because Bush lied to us and forced our military into invading the wrong country?
Are the Bushes insane?
I find it pathetic that Dubya's daddy feels he must step forward and complain about the treatment his son and his foolhardy programs are getting.
The presidency isn't a little league team, where a daddy has to come in and defend his little slugger's bad pitching.
Just the idea that someone's father appears in public to decry his son's treatment smacks of a son who's still basically a juvenile, relying on his parents to bail him out when he's in over his head.
Sure, elder Bush pulled strings so Dubya could beat a few DUI arrests, get into graduate school despite an undergrad C average, avoid the draft by joining the reserves, start an oil company, get a hunk of a baseball team and become a governor... but when will it end?
Ask yourself-as an adult, have you ever held a job where you needed your father or mother to come in and complain about the treatment you're getting?
God, this is just embarrassing for the entire nation.
Let's just hope Dubya doesn't call in the heavy artillery- his mom.

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