Thursday, June 24, 2004

Abu Grrrrr...

Yesterday on "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart ran a clip of George Bush talking about the Iraqi prison torture scandal. Bush pronounced it, "the Abu Ger-eff (long pause) ...situation."
Considering how many times we have all heard the term Abu Ghraib pronounced, one might think the president could manage to put the syllables "grr" and "raib" together to form the word "ghraib."
Why can't he pronounce it?
Because he just doesn't give a shit, that's why.
He's the president of the free world, he doesn't have to give a shit.
He has a memo saying he didn't have to give a shit.
Congress and the Senate are Republican-dominated, and they say he doesn't have to give a shit.

I'm sure if he had his druthers, he'd just as soon drop a newculer missile on Abu Gereff.

And speaking of that memo, I loved how Rumsfeld wrote at the bottom, with regard to prison guards being allowed to keep detainees standing up for up to four hours at a time, "Why only 4 hours? I think 8-12 hours would be acceptable."
Bush said he couldn't remember seeing any memo that advised him he could ignore the Geneva Conventions with regard to prison torture. He also forgot signing the botton of the memo, acknowledging that he'd read it.

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