Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Break Is Over: Back to Trying to Lick Bush

My Blogging break was not all that mysterious.
I spent the weekend with my elderly mother at her house north of Austin because her 24/7 nurse was off for the weekend.
Then I spent the last few days recovering from showing a 91-year-old how to paint birdhouses. She's a very cute, sweet little old lady, but geriatrics service requires patience beyond my grasp. It takes some serious recovery time afterwards.

Back to reality...
In catching up with literally hundreds of news stories I get via e-mail, I was pleased to see Bush and his crowd of criminals gained no ground in virtually any sphere of influence.
His ratings in the polls show promise. Never has an incumbent with this low of ratings been reelected.
I haven't read many Blogs lately, so forgive me if this has been mentioned before, but did anyone notice how the Saudis reacted to the beheading of the American helicopter mechanic Paul Johnson? Within hours, they tracked down and killed Johnson's executioners.
Perhaps Bush could request an audience with his bosses in the Saudi royal family and get some tips on finding Bin Laden and other Al Qaida members he can't seem to locate.
Oh, wait. Of the 19 terrorists who struck on 9/11, some 15 were Saudi Arabians. Bush still hasn't addressed that little peculiarity with our Saudi "allies," now has he?

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