Thursday, June 24, 2004

AK47 Assault Rifle or TEC-9 Assault Pistol? Decisions, Decisions

In September, when Bush lifts the 10-year ban off assault weapons, I am torn between which weapon to buy.
While I love the style and power of an AK47 assault rifle, the pistol would fit in a purse or tote and be easier to carry into situations where a hidden weapon might be to my advantage. Plus, I think a TEC-9 is so much more feminine than an AK47.
Now that the NRA has drawn the line and said any politician who defied their desire to see the assault weapons ban lifted would be denied their coveted "A" endorsement, we know President Bush backs them.
Yep, the president is all about protecting us, so that's why he's making it possible for everyone in America to arm themselves with assault weaponry, without all those pesky background checks and waiting periods.
I know any old gun would provide me basic protection in my car, home and office, but these days one never knows when one might be attacked by multiple assailants. I feel the need for some weaponry that will cut down a dozen or more at a time, so I can rest assured I'm sufficiently protected in any contingency.
The advantages of a rifle over a pistol, however, are tempting.
I wouldn't mind having a few bells and whistles like a grenade launcher or a bayonet on my primary weapon, just in case I need to clear out advancing assailants, or engage in a little mano a mano with some neighborhood Taliban or Al Qaida son of a bitches who mistake me for a defenseless, middle aged woman.
I am so looking forward to the ban lift in September.
With all the tax relief President Bush has given us, I may just buy the TEC-9 AND the AK47.
After all, a gal can't be too safe.

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