Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Mileah made a great observation on her Whistling Lips Blog about that note Condi Rice gave Bush yesterday, where he wrote, "let freedom reign" at the bottom of it.
Seems Bush can't quite get his cliches straight. I believe the phrase is, "let freedom ring," based on an old song.
To be fair to Bush, there is a song called, "Let Freedom Reign," which he may have intentionally quoted.
In fact, in looking at the lyrics I can see some of his policies have indeed been set to music:
(source: the Hated & Proud Neo Nazi website http://www.panzerfaust.com/lyrics/hnp.shtml)

HATED AND PROUD "Let Freedom Reign"


You say that you’re proud to be working class,
and that we’ve all got to rise above
But you don’t care about your people’s heritage,
you put down the land we love
You run around in boots and braces
and you preach our rhetoric
Your mind is filled with propaganda,
full of leftist politics
The simple truth that you can’t see
is that you’ve got no right to claim being a skin
‘Cause your pride is somewhere else
not in the land you were brought up in

If you’re a red skin you’re red scum
For all of you, your time will come
If you’re a red skin you’re red scum
You’re our public enemy… number one

You go to all the socialist rallies,
arm in arm with the students and the queers
Living in your dream world
thinking that you’re gonna make a change
But the general public sees through you
They see how foolish you are
You can preach and demonstrate your shit
but it’s never gonna go far
We’ll never let our land be like China
Government rule with no human rights
You’re all filthy fucking traitors,
and all of you should be shot on sight


Drive all the red skins out of the scene
Because they don’t have a clue what being a true skin means
Take pride in yourself and pride in your land
Support your own nation don’t support the red hand


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