Thursday, June 24, 2004

Jack Ryan: A Republican Whose Family Values You Can Trust
(credit AMERICABlog for pertinent details)

Jack Ryan is running for a seat in the Senate as a Republican from Illinois. His website quote:

"The breakdown of the family over the past 35 years is one of the root causes of some of our
society's most intractable social problems--criminal activity, illegitimacy, and the cyclical nature of poverty. As an elected leader, my interest will be in promoting laws and educating people about the fundamental importance of the traditional family unit as the nucleus of our society."

Jack has been heartily endorsed by several GOP luminaries, the most notable being Dick Cheney who even emerged from his bunker at an undisclosed location to raise money for Ryan's race for Senate.

Jack's former wife, actress Jeri Ryan, stated in her divorce petition that she wanted out of the marriage because Jack kept dragging her to sex clubs in New York, New Orleans, Paris and elsewhere, wanting her to engage in sex in front of spectators and in sadomasochistic rituals involving cages and whips. In her statement, she said her ex husband told her that her crying while in the sex clubs "was a real turn off for him."

You think fellow Republicans would back away from this sadistic pervert, but they defend him for his behavior because it occurred "within the confines of his normal, heterosexual marriage."

Noted right-wing, antifeminist Phyllis Schlafly said, "she still supports Ryan because the charges are unproven and were made during a custody fight. 'Sure they're disturbing. They're unpleasant,' said Schlafly. 'But considering where they're coming from, I would wait for the proof before judging him.'

Jack Ryan has admitted his ex wife's allegations are factual, and in fact he made no effort to keep the divorce papers that contained the allegations sealed. He must be a mighty secure guy to let news like this get out without a fight.

So let's get this straight.
If you are a heterosexual, married candidate for the United States Senate, you can take your wife and the mother of your child to S&M sex clubs all over the world and demand she let you fuck her and use a whip on her, in a cage or on a bare mattress in an open cubicle, while strangers watch.

Conservative Republican Pundit Robert Novak said of Ryan's actions: "Jack Ryan, unlike Bill Clinton, did not commit adultery and did not lie."

Ryan said in his own defense, "The worst that can be said is I propositioned my wife in an inappropriate place. We had people elected to office who have done things that are much worse than that."

So, if I try to marry my girlfriend so we can legally engage in plain old fashioned, non-S&M lesbian intimacy in the privacy of our bedroom, we would be offending the sanctity of marriage that guys like Ryan have pledged to protect?
And if Bill Clinton got a few blowjobs from Monica Lewinsky in the privacy of his office, that was worse than him dragging Hillary to S&M clubs and expecting her to let him fuck her in a cage, while people watched?

Can you believe the double standards these perverted GOP freaks have?
It just gets more and more unbelievable.

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