Monday, June 28, 2004

Fahrenheit 911 Message Boards

Now that I've read some of the right-wing's take on the movie, I may have to take a new look at my political leanings. Here are some gems I found on AOL's message board.

"Micheal Moore is a fat slob profiting from death... oh i thought he condemed that"

(you ask) how is he (Moore) a communist??????? he is against everything that made this country what it is!!! if it was not for people standing up with "GUNS" and fighting for this country you wouldnt have the right to spew out all of the [exp. del.] ! you should do the world a favor and shoot yourself with an illegalloy owned gun!

It will never compare to a real movie like "The Passion" because Moore is not a real person. There is no way a lier like him can be a Christian.

Who cars about this, its not true, not good acting and poor script

I'm tired of fat, lazy, mouthy, opinionated a**holes, who think they know a better way to run the country. How about supporting the military, our President, and the firefighters and police officers who protect you every second of the day. Face it, if us meateaters weren't out there, you treehuggers would have been extinct a long time ago. Grow up, stop being a booger eater, get off your dead A** and stand behind this great country.
signed a veteran and career firefighter/paramedic

Would that be the democrat liars like Kerry that want .50+ gas tax? spend and tax and tax and spend democrats? I'm paying 84% of what I make now for democrat scum, now, to waste. I'll not give a penny more! You vote for them, you pay for MY share of the tax increase they vote for. I'm sure you can afford them, I cannot!!!!

We are at war. It was declared on 9-11-01. Just as war was declared on 12-7-41. To show such utter disrespect and dishonor for one's country, not just its president, is treason beyond any treacherous treason ever commited against our country, and it should be punished, rather than elevated to such a level. Moore is like an animal who is eating away at himself, rather than his enemies, the real threats. Only animals know better than to do that, unless they're caught in a trap they cannot get out of without knawing out of it. This is the Michael Moore we should all know- the animal caught in his own media trap, his own hell, trying to knaw his way out, using a "documentary of truth" as his teeth. I would think the only humane thing to do to this person is to send him to Iraq, set him down on the runway at Baghdad Intl. Airport, and tell him to start knawing...and running.

Anybody that would watch or even talk about Comrade Moores Movie should be deported, The dude is so ugly he makes puke look good We should be filming those that enter the theaters & when the movie is over put them on busses to the Airport with a one way passport

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