Thursday, June 10, 2004

Why I Tolerate Barcodie

Following is an e-mail written to me by my political nemesis, Barcodie.
When I told him I was looking for a pink Kerry T-shirt with a feather boa for him to wear on his Blog after he lost our (first) bet about Bush being thrown from office, I think he went into a panic.
I loved the part about "the booming economy." Priceless!
Good that it's booming- he'll need to cough up $100 when he loses our second bet.
(Note: I left his text unedited)

"Karen, you should realize that the Democrats are at their high tide line right now. The economy is booming, and no matter how much the liberal media may lie about it and say "Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?" the public will eventually see that things are improving. Even Goebbels couldn't keep up the Big Lie forever. The Iraq situation is stabilizing and getting better (for Republicans and patriotic Americans, worse for Democrats) every day. Read that Wolflowitz article about the transition on my blog. Read it and WEEP, because it shows the plan that will lead to Iraqi sovereignty by the end of this month, and a reduced American security profile as we enable the Iraqis to defend themselves against the enemies of democracy. All of this will cut the ground right out from under Kerry's feet by this fall. I'm telling you now: The election will not even be close. Bush will get somewhere in the neighborhood of 55% of the popular vote, and will win a clear majority in the electoral college. Save this so that you can refer to it after the election, even if only to say, "He only got 53%, so you're an idiot!" or whatever other caustic tomfoolery you might hazard at that time."

Jeeze. If it weren't so pathetic, I'd be laughing out loud.

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