Wednesday, June 23, 2004

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Okay. I lied again to get hits, but this will be a Blog about Michael Moore's new movie, "Fahrenheit 911," so it wasn't that big of a lie.
It opens Friday and my best friend Anna and I plan to go to the first showing at 1 p.m., then I'll go again with Eclair Friday evening if it's good.
From the trailer I saw, it looked like more of a straightforward documentary than some of Moore's previous movies.
From the trailer, just watching Bush in action without anyone's commentary was enough to make me grit my teeth. His arrogance apparently blossoms in this movie.
So many Bush apologists already are calling F911 a totally fabricated piece of junk. Have they seen it? No, but that never stopped the GOP from passing judgment before they bothered to look into things.
They made sure it was rated R to keep kids out. So? Kids can't vote, so what's the difference?
All I can say is, the movie must have hit some bullseyes because a lot of GOP and other rightwing fanatics seem pretty pissed off about it. Perhaps the movie contains information they don't want us to know?
Who else is planning to see it this week? Talk to me.

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