Friday, June 11, 2004

The Funeral

I was never a Reaganite and I can mention dozens of reasons why, but as a former president of the United States, I think he deserved a lavish state funeral. The price tag doesn't concern me.
Why? Because when presidents like Carter and Clinton die, I will feel a loss and would expect the same level of funeral for them.
I watched most of Reagan's funeral and thought it was a beautiful ceremony.
I felt sad for his widow.
Clearly she loved him, he was a good husband to her and I can respect that. For her to be his primary caretaker over the last decade was a huge credit to her.
I heard the eulogies, and as I expected, George W. read his haltingly and smirked between sentences, as if to be expecting praise for how he was doing. Clearly, no circumstances warrant anything close to heartfelt emotion from him.
I think he has attention deficit disorder, as evidenced by his squirming, fidgeting and looking around during the ceremony. All that drinking seems to have disturbed his central nervous system. I honestly think he has an organic brain problem, no sarcasm intended.
Anyway, the Reagans had that show business flair, and the funeral reflected it nicely. Good for Nancy and her kids.
Now Nancy is free to lobby for stem cell research.
I wish her well in her new calling, and I hope she can influence the president to look at the science before he closes his mind to it because of his simplistic, religious-based aversion to it.
Bush has enjoyed a slight bump in the polls because a major Republican died, but that will die down soon enough when the news returns to unresolved prison torture issues, the Plame CIA case and the rest of the many problems created by this administration.
Reagan's death may have given Bush & clan a brief respite, but soon they'll be under the magnifying glass again and have to account for themselves.
They can run but they can't hide, no matter who dies.

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