Wednesday, June 23, 2004

The Bike Wreck

As I was tooling up my driveway today with my bike baskets filled with ingredients for Thai steak salad, I spied a delivery from Sierra Trading Post on my porch, just as my next door neighbor Carmen asked how I was doing.
Knowing the delivery contained my cool new boots was almost enough to knock me off my bike, and Carmen's question further distracted me, but what actually got me was my bike's front tire hitting the gap between my driveway and the lawn and flipping itself over.
Falling to the right, I landed on my right knee and my palms, then the impact put me flat on my belly.
Fortunately, the thought of opening the package made me overlook the crash long enough to limp into the house, scamper to the front door and retrieve the new boots.
By the time I redid the laces so they'd be even and slipped them on, my knee had stopped hurting and my palms turned out to be only slightly abraded.
So what if the boots are a little on the butch side? Come this winter, I'll be the envy of anyone who ever wanted to run off and join the French Foreign Legion. And if Bush were to get reelected (le chance gras) I may really need them.
As for the tragic accident, I'm sure Eclair will be happy to soothe my wounds tonight...after she eats some of that Thai Steak salad.

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