Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Here We Go Again

Bush has hired David Paulison to replace his pal Brownie as FEMA director.
Because Brownie flew the coop so "unexpectedly," how in the hell did Bush manage to find a replacement without taking time for a thorough background investigation?
How do we know Paulison didn't pad his resume like Brownie?
If Bush knew anything about leadership, he would have appointed an interim FEMA director from within the department and taken the time to have this David Paulison person checked out.
Any CEO of any company would know to do this.
How much more incompetence can ths nation take?


dusty said...

IF a CEO ran his company like W runs our country...they would be out of business in a NY minute.

in.dog.neato said...

tru dat, dusty...

i don't think W has the mental capacity to be able to effectively carry out a background investigation on anyone he's thinking of hiring. his track record as of late would seem to suggest that this is the case.

this administration seems to rely on cronyism to achieve its goals. everyone who had the balls to think for himself (Powell) has flown the coop, and I'm starting to believe they're having trouble finding qualified applicants who'll supplicate themselves to the whims of the administration.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I noticed on the news tonight that John Roberts sure as hell didn't sound like he's in lockstep with the neo-cons.
Hell, at this point, a *true* conservative would be welcome instead of these phony neo-con bastards that spend money like crack addicts, then hide behind the cross and blame everyone but themselves when confronted.