Monday, September 26, 2005

We Knew Bush Couldn't Stand it Much Longer

"AP: WASHINGTON (Sept. 26) - Cindy Sheehan, the California woman who has used her son's death in Iraq to spur the anti-war movement, was arrested Monday while protesting outside the White House.
Sheehan and several dozen other protesters sat down on the sidewalk after marching along the pedestrian walkway on Pennsylvania Avenue. Police warned them three times that they were breaking the law by failing to move along, then began making arrests.
Sheehan, 48, was the first taken into custody. She stood up and was handcuffed, then led to a police vehicle while protesters chanted, "The whole world is watching." ..."

Who among us thought Cindy Sheehan could continue her peaceful protests without eventually getting arrested? I am only surprised it took Bush's goons this long.
Arresting someone for "sitting on a public sidewalk" seems not to be such a gigantic infraction of the law. Who was she hurting?
People like Sheehan and millions of others of us against the invasion and occupation of Iraq pay for public sidewalks with our tax money. We should have a right to sit, or lie, or dance, or jump up and down on public land if we want. It belongs to the people.
And people like Sheehan and millions of others of us against the invasion and occupation of Iraq have a right to demand accountability from our public servants, whom we pay through our tax dollars.
As with her Crawford protest, Sheehan's arrest has cast the Bush administration in an unfavorable light.
He doesn't get it. His people don't get it.
Most Americans have no faith in him as a leader or as a human being.
But Cindy Sheehan, we like.
And now, Bush and his goons have made us like her even more, and him, even less.


dusty said...

I think arresting her was great publicity for the movement..a dumb move on bushie's part of the vietnam protest era i was beaten, arrested, maced and gassed many times..i would do it now but the two blown discs in my back prevent this type of exercise..which really pisses me off..go cindy! said...

ordinarily, i'm not one to's not my 'thing' if you will. I'm into more subversive means of civil disobedience...but to arrest someone for (understand, i was toiling over a hot roaster and haven't gotten too many specifics pon the incident...) excercising their constitutional right to Free Assembly under the guise of not moving down the sidewalk fast enough is asinine and suspect.

If that's the case, you might as well go to the park across Pennsylvania from the White House and arrest the drug addicts and homeless people there, too...they're certainly not moving fast enough. Hell, arrest folks waiting for the bus! Senior Citizens with their wheelie walkers...they're certainly an impediment to the faster moving bipeds on the boulevards...

Kate said...

Lol, you two comedians.

Yeah, what took them so long? Is he finally cracking up? I bet it wouldn't take much now to push him over the edge.
I'd like to see one more indictment of one of his closest cronies ...

So, how long does one get in the slammer for sitting down on the sidewalk across from the White House? What happens if you also spit? Oooh. I bet that would mean major attorney's fees.

Kate S.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I think Sheehan got a ticket after 4 or 5 hours of red tape.
I sure am hearing a lot of rumors about Bush being off the wagon though, so the time bomb may be ticking a little faster than we'd hoped.
October is the magic month when Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald finishes his investigation.
Rove should be britten his snitches about now.

Holly in Cincinnati said...

In my opinion, this was a publicity stunt.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Her beloved son died in Bush's war.
She's doing what she feels she needs to do.
Bush's hurricane "efforts" define the term 'publicity stunt.'
That's my opinion.

larkohio said...

I think Cindy and the others want to make a point. I would not be pleased if I lost a child in Iraq. We were given reasons for this war that were simply not true. There is a civil war going on over there now. The new consitution assures us that women will have fewer rights now than they did under Saddam. What a waste of lives and treasure for this stupid war. What are we going to do to get out of there? Staying the course does not seem to be working thus far. This administration makes my head hurt.

Karen Zipdrive said...

This administration will end up hurting all of us financially. Wait till you hear the bankruptcy rate go up just prior to Bush's new "fuck the consumer" laws in mid-October.

Sanford said...

Reading this was like watching a scene from Iron Jawed Angels (If you haven't seen it yet, it's a fine presentation by HBO), when women were trying to get the vote.
Arrested and put in jail while they were protesting, under a loitering charge.
this is ridiculous.

Karen Zipdrive said...

The one thing you can say for the Bush mis-administration, not a week goes by without something outrageous happening.
It's like having rolling, dry heaves for the last five years.