Thursday, September 29, 2005

Survivor TONIGHT

Nakum's Blake or Yaxha's Amy are my picks for the probable boot.
Blake is sickly and Amy is goofy.
Also, please note the new Survivor Castmembers Blog listed to the right. It's got a bunch of former castaways talking smack about Survivor Guatemala.

Your picks?


Karen Zipdrive said...

Is Survivor a dead thread?
I mean, I can skip these weekly recaps if nobody is interested...

Kate said...

I am definitely interested, just late to the wrap party. So far, Survivor Guatemala is (yawn) off to a slow start, for me.

I'm sorry to see Steph on yet another losing team; I am glad to see how organized and in solidarity they are on their voting off strategy so far, at least; loving the wild life down there, but still waiting for the human sacrifice -- and some more interesting challenges, as these have been kind of lacking in inspirational moments.

Let's see the guy from the Bronx or Brooklyn wrestle one of those yacking, howling baboons that's driving him crazy to the ground for a reward challenge, for example; or a bather suddenly get into a tossle with a crock -- could make a most excellent roast for dinner. (The crock, not the human.)

Uh -- what recap?

Karen Zipdrive said...

No recaps until I get more reSPONSE.

Squirrel said...

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