Thursday, September 22, 2005

Legit News or Libelous Bilge?

The National Enquirer reports that Bush is drinking again.

Some points to ponder:
The National Enquirer also scooped the Monica Lewinsky and Gary Hart/Donna Rice stories.
Tabloid Magazines get sued a lot for libel.
Would the Enquirer be stupid enough to make libelous statements against a sitting president?
I once sold a story to the Globe tabloid. Before they ran it they polygraphed me, saying their lawyer insisted on polygraph exams for all single source stories.
Bush has admitted to past drinking problems- but he never sought rehab or AA.
Alcoholics who try to stop drinking without addressing the root of the problem are called dry drunks, who often relapse under pressure.

Ask yourself: is Bush behaving in a manner consistent with a drinker?
Why all those vacation trips to Crawford, where the drinking is said to have occurred?

Weigh in on the Enquirer's story.


Mileah said...

oh yeah, he's on the sauce again.

larkohio said...

Sober he's bad, drunk oh my goodness! I would say that it just might make him a bit testy! We all know people who when they drink they get really mean and angry......Scary, huh?

dusty said...

with his lack of intelligence its kinda hard to tell ya know?

Karen Zipdrive said...

I am familiar with Al-Anon, having been a die-hard member for two years.
I know how non-recovering drunks act when they are not drinking, and when they are.
They act like Bush. Exactly like Bush.

Lulu Maude said...

Wow! And Laura... is she back on the Marlboros? Tough times for the first family. Of course, now they can bond with their daughters.

I'm a member of A.A. Bush has missed an outstanding program. It's really enriched my life. There should be an A.A. for all sorts of dead-end, self-defeating habits.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I think Laura might be more of a Newport type, but I hear she really hot boxes those cigs in private. You can see the wrinkles between her upper lip and nose from her puffing so hard.
I think Bush 41 and Old Babs are a couple of drunks, too.
I read somewhere how the old bat got all pissed off about some diplomat's wife who gave her a bottle of Ouzo or some such crap, and she made a big production out of tasting it and being offended because it was so harsh.
Anyway, I think the Bush family has turned America into one big AlAnon meeting needing to happen.

Kate said...

The Heretik, et al, are really going to town on this news. Tonight the Hound of Hell is even hosting an "Intervention at Lucky's Bar." (He's a hoot with photoshop.) Here's a link if you need a mirthful distraction from the impending flood. And: I hope you are okay.

Karen Zipdrive said...

All is well in San Antonio, but the heat is very damp, the sky is a weird color and my cats are twitchy.
On Saturday we should get some rain, otherwise we aren't that worried as long as our cable TV stays on.

Mileah said...

We didn't get a drop of rain in Austin.

You, Karen?

Karen Zipdrive said...

Not a drop. Temps WAY over 100ยบ though.