Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Martha Stewart's Apprentice

How can she go wrong with Annie Lennox singing, 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)' as her opening theme?
I loved the show.
Why? Because there are just enough borderline personalities to make it interesting.
That last guy in the boardroom with the other two people- the one who didn't get fired this time- is one of the most arrogant, hyperactive, adult-ADD, conceited twerp I've ever seen. I can't wait till they boot his ass.
But the guy they booted first was another arrogant control freak. Reminded me of one of those Republican faggots.
I was glad to see him taken down 100 notches and fired first.
And I thought Martha was pretty easygoing, even though it probably took a great effort on her part. And her daughter Alexis...hmm... she certainly is a handsome, highly tailored lass.
Your take?


The Educated Eclectic said...

SSSSHHHHHIIIIIITTTTTT - I can't believe I missed it!

Holly in Cincinnati said...

What? she has a lovely daughter? said...

heh...tamara and i caught the tail end of it...we were out spending my hard earned money on burgers, beer, and expensive winter clothing...

did catch the L&O season premeire...that's what the rush home was for...

I saw a Mother Goose and Grimm strip comic once (I think I still have it someplace...) that has a cartoon of "Mothra Stewart" flying over a city with people running every which way...Mothra has a little speech bubble saying "And tomorrow, I'll show you how to make a delicious puff pasrty out of fleeing citizens."

too funny.

Mike said...

eh, never watch it...
my puny brain can only follow a handful of shows...survivor, mythbusters, plus i need to save a bit for whenever alias comes back

Karen Zipdrive said...

I'll remind y'all next week.
Tonight is Trump's Apprentice.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Reviews say Martha fires people a lot more politely than Trump.
She even writes them a personal note after the ax falls.
And she said to the first guy, "You just don't fit in," instead of "YOU'RE FIRED."

dusty said...

Damn it i missed it..yes Karen please remind the nimrods such as I that its on next week.I really wanted to catch that first episode too..i am so pissed..thanks for the review however :)

John Howard said...

Her "you just don't fit in" line sounded worse somehow, the way she said it. And I think the letter writing stuff seems sort of silly, especially since the letter was so lame, and didn't say anything.

The show was good, though. You would think that people would have learned by now that if you're going to be the project manager and not let anyone else have any input, then your ideas better be really good.

Karen Zipdrive said...

John, I know what you mean.
"You just don't fit in" could have more scathing, long-term implications than a simple, "you're fired."
How diabolical of Martha to have omitted the term, "our organization" at the end of the phrase.
Oh, she's gooooood.