Monday, September 19, 2005

My Gaydar is Going Off

By now, everyone has heard that Renee Zellweger has asked that her marriage to Kenny Chesney be annulled after only four months.
She cited "fraud" as the cause.
Could it be that a certain little someone who makes his living in the macho country music industry is GAY?
Come on, the guy wrote a song called, "You Had Me at Hello."
That's just too faggy for words.

11 comments: said... are GAYS in the music industry?!?

what's this world coming to???

i guess i'm just gonna hafta smash all my Elton John, Queen, Judas Priest, Pet Shop Boys and Erasure albums then...

CLD said...

I figured that. He's too pretty. Plus, three days after their wedding, he left on tour -- without her. They've spent 15 days together since their wedding in May.

Mike said...

hmmm - never thought of that - maybe you're on to something...btw wasn't "you had me at hello" a line from jerry mcguire w/cruise and zellweger???

JimBob said...

Um, wouldn't she have had an IDEA that he was gay BEFORE she married him?

You know, that whole "inability to get an erection with her" thing...? ...Him screaming out "OH GOD, TONY!" in the heat of passion with her...etc. :-)

And, if so, is it truly fraud if she knew he was gay ahead of time? I'm kinda confused on the whole thing here...

Maybe we should ask the Right what they think. Should gay men be allowed to marry straight women, even if it leads to a lifetime of misery, suffering, and pain for both parties? Or vice versa?

It fits their Bible-definition of marriage (a man and a woman), so I bet they'd say it was OK. And besides, we could beat them with the KJV until they both admitted they were happy and the gay partner was allofasudden cured and was now straight.

That's the way god wants it. Hee hee hee.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Many gay men can get it up for women, they just prefer getting it up for men.
My hunch is, he bedded her down a few times, convinced her to marry him, then once the ring was on her finger he started holding out on her... either that or he told her he had to have some boys on the side as well as her.

Whatever happened, something is very fishy.

Lulu Maude said...

Well, according to the law, annulment under fraud:
Fraud: If one of the parties did not tell the truth, or misrepresented information in order to induce the other party to enter into the marriage, then the marriage may be annulled because of fraud.
Now, it may be that Kenny is gay. Or it may be that Renee lied when she said she liked him in cowboy hats. Or it may be that Kenny was trying to get into the moobin pitchurs.
Oh, these here celebrities!

dusty said...

maybe ol kenny is just in touch more w/his feminine side than the macho side??

Mileah said...

that screams fraud to me

Karen Zipdrive said...

Or maybe Renee turned out to be a lesbian and she cried fraud when her hubby tried to shtup her.
I think Kenny's hat is lined in pink satin.

CLD said...

You could also look at it from the standpoint of vowing to spend your life with someone and then only giving them 15 days out of the past five months... that's fraud in my book.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Hell, Chari, that sounds like my lifestyle back when I was dating those Canadians.