Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tom Delay Should be Sued for Slander

Disgraced Congressman Tom DeLay's statement after his indictment was so defamatory and whiny regarding Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle, Earle should sue him for slander AND libel if anyone publishes his horseshit denial.
DeLay has been chastised by his own colleagues for Congressional impropriety several times already. He's a vengeful bully, a crooked rat and a filthy liar with a bad reputation.
While he was in the Texas legislature, DeLay used every illegal trick in the book to tip the balance toward the GOP. His redistricting master plan created a voting district map so convoluted, it looks like the Monty Python crew created it as a political satire.
DeLay has finally gotten his comeuppance.
Campaign finance laws are clearly stated in Texas.
DeLay facilitated money laundering for the Texas GOP, and the evidence is abundant and clear.
Ronnie Earle is paid to investigate crime and indict criminals when the law is broken.
He's gone after crooks in both parties in Texas. AND he's indicted more DEMOCRATS in Texas than he has Republicans. That's a fact, and that's his job.

Former exterminator DeLay understands how rodents and insects act when they are cornered. He is clearly mimicking their behavior now that he's been cornered. He's a disgraceful person.

And Bush? His closeted gay spokesman, Scotty McClellan, said Bush "still considers DeLay a close friend and an effective leader."

That figures.


dusty said...

Now if they can just nail Frist..its a good week:) yes Tommy boy was kinda mouthy as was his attorney..i expected nothing less..hope Earle has a good case or we will never hear the end of this from the Repubs..

Holly in Cincinnati said...

Ain't it fun to see the lying slimeball finally indicted!

dusty said...

oh..and if they could get Jack Abramoff to would nail a whole lot more of them sumbitches :)

Karen Zipdrive said...

Key events and controversies during Tom DeLay's House tenure:

1984: Elected to represent the 22nd District of Texas in the U.S. House of Representatives.

1994: Elected majority whip.

July 1997: DeLay was part of a group that tried, but failed, to oust House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

October 1998: DeLay attacks the Electronics Industries Alliance for hiring former Democratic Rep. Dave McCurdy as its president and later receives a private rebuke from the House ethics committee.

November 2002: Elected majority leader.

September 2004: Grand jurors in Texas indict three DeLay associates - Jim Ellis, John Colyandro, and Warren RoBold - in an investigation of alleged illegal corporate contributions to a political action committee associated with him.

September-October 2004: DeLay is admonished by the House ethics committee on three separate issues. The committee chastised DeLay for offering to support the House candidacy of Michigan Republican Rep. Nick Smith's son in return for the lawmaker's vote for a Medicare prescription drug benefit. The panel said DeLay created the appearance of linking political donations to a legislative favor, and that he had improperly sought the Federal Aviation Administration's intervention in a Texas political dispute.

January 2005: House Republicans reverse a rule passed in November 2004 that would have allowed DeLay to keep his leadership post if indicted.

March 2005: Media reports spur Democrats to question DeLay's relationship with lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who is under federal investigation. Delay asks the House ethics committee to review allegations that Abramoff or his clients paid some of DeLay's overseas travel expenses. DeLay denies knowing that the expenses were paid by Abramoff.

April 2005: House Republicans scrap controversial new ethics committee rules passed earlier in the year that would have made it harder to proceed with an ethics investigation. Democrats charged the rules were meant to protect DeLay.

September 2005: Ellis and Colyandro are indicted on additional felony charges of violating Texas election law and criminal conspiracy to violate election law for their role in 2002 legislative races.

My prediction:
Either Ellis or Colyandro or both will flip on DeLay and testify that they had knowledge of his participation in the conspiracy for which he is charged, in exchange for lesser counts for themselves, or some other sort of prosecutorial lieniency.

dusty said...

we can only hope Karen..that they sing like lovebirds!

Karen Zipdrive said...

I hope they squawk more like parrots- loud enough to convince the jury.
If the trial takes place in Travis County, the jury will be mostly Austinites, which is great.
Austin and Travis County were perhaps the only area in Texas that voted for Kerry over Bush in 2004.
Travis County DA Ronnie Earle has been one of America's longest tenured DA's- plus he's run unopposed for decades, if I'm not mistaken.
DeLay in a Texas jail would be delightful. After sodomizing the country for so long, it's high time he gets to see what it feels like, up close and personal.

CLD said...

Molly Ivins wrote a great article on Earle... he's non-partisan when it comes to going after politicians.

Mileah said...

If you break the law in Travis, Co. you will eventually answer to Ronnie Earle regardless of your political leanings. Crime in his eyes is neither red nor blue but comes in a bright orange jumpsuit color.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Someone who commented on AmericaBlog pointed out, logically, that one of DeLay's co-conspirators must have flipped at the last minute, allowing for Ronnie Earle to indict DeLay so close to the end of his investigation.

And remember this:
Ronnie Earle didn't indict DeLay, a grand jury did.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Chari- I hope you plan to post Ivin's article over on Soapbox Blog.

Karen Zipdrive said...

The Austin American Statesman plans to publish my letter to the editor as early as tomorrow.
Needless to say, the subject is DeLay.

JimBob said...

Karen said - He's a vengeful bully, a crooked rat and a filthy liar with a bad reputation.

Well, duh, he's a successful Repubelican.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Okay. You were more concise than I.