Friday, September 23, 2005

Tired of Do-Overs

What's the deal with all these do-overs?
I heard 'Dancing With the Stars' had a rematch so J. Peterman could win.
Survivor producers wanted Rupert to win, so they had a do-over, public vote so he could.
California repugnicans didn't like Gov. Gray Davis so they had a do-over election.
Texas GOP legislators didn't like all the Democratic strongholds in voting districts so they remapped the districts so more GOP crooks could be elected.

Do-overs are for children who can't handle the outcome of a game.

No more do-overs, damn it.


dusty said...

gotta love politics..its basically the art of the "do-over"..figure out why we lost and do it over..only the democrats can't seem to figure it out..

CLD said...


So why's Bush getting a second hurricane? said...

second that chari...that's what i was thinking Rita a do-over?

"see...we can be prepared..." funny thing though, they're prepared THIS time because all of the assets are still down there, left over from Katrina!

Karen Zipdrive said...

If they were that damn prepared, the levees they "fixed" in N'awlins wouldn't have busted again.
They just want to clear the 9th Ward and make way for luxury condos.
Bush is heading to Colorado (NORAD) to ride out the storm. That chickenshit can't even ride it out in Texas, where he pretends to be from.

The only do-over he knows is stealing a second election. said...

He's headed to NORAD in case hurricane Rita is actually a group of terrirists in disguise

Karen Zipdrive said...

He's headed to NORAD because it's safely in the mountains and he's too dumb to be in Texas at least pretending to be a hands-on president.
He had come to San Antonio's Ft. Sam Houston Army base on Friday to observe the hurricane activity from as close as it was safe to do, but then he suddenly decided to split for Colorado on another chicken-shit whim.
Anderson Cooper is up to his ass in wind swept water, covering the storm for CNN, but Bush is, as usual, covering his ass.
Bush needs to be awarded the Congressional medal of dishonor. said...

"What you need to understand is..."

what a crock of hooey. i saw the newsclip of him @ NORAD/Northcom this morning 'explaining' things to the camera (and, ergo, the rest of us uneddycated idiots) about what's going on.

that sawed off chucklehead insults my intelligence every time he opens his marble filled yap. anyone who watches him and DOESN'T feel his/her intelligence is insulted should have their heads examined.

dusty said...

you hit the nail on the head dog..he has always insulted our intelligence..