Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Typical Bush Speech™

Sorry, folks, but I can't believe the cliché ridden speech Bush made to the American public about the recent hurricane that ravaged so much of the Gulf Coast.
I now believe he is physically unable to speak without smirking and acting as if he's talking to kindergartners, using hackneyed platitudes and meaningless rhetoric.
Times like this are when we need a national guard at full strength to help with the devastation down south, but Bush has dragged too many of them off to Iraq to fight and die in his meaningless, multi billion dollar war.
His empty gesture of releasing some of the multi million barrels of crude oil America has in reserve is too little, too late.
Meanwhile, those anti war people at Camp Casey have now been confronted by loud, threatening Bush supporters who think that bullying and aggression is somehow appropriate because they think the 'right' in the term 'right-wing' means they are right.
The woman whose account of her visit to Camp Casey I recently published has since covered her aging Toyota wagon with peace slogans written by Camp Casey visitors.
Her employer in Kerrville, Texas saw her car and promptly fired her.
This intolerance to the first amendment has got to stop.


Kate said...

She got fired? For peace slogans?

Good grief... I hope she takes that c.sucker to court.

CLD said...

For fuck's sake. Who is her employer? Is it anyone we can rapid-fire with emails and a boycott?

Karen Zipdrive said...

I have already given her the name of an excellent labor law attorney who specializes in fucking companies who fuck their employees.
He's got about a 95% win record and I think, as a liberal gay man, he'd love to get a case like hers.
I suspect her employer is some small Kerrville company without enough influence to be impacted by a boycott or angry letters.
It's just a bunch of good ole' boys too backwoods to know the legal implications of wrongful termination.