Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Please, Bush, Stay Out of the Gulf States and Go Back on Vacation
-A Karen Zipdrive Blogatorial

I am so sick of that imbecile Bush wasting Air Force One jet fuel on so many meaningless photo ops and trite, gibberish-filled speeches down in the hurricane ravaged areas of the Gulf.
Some people are so stupid, they think he did a much better job on Hurricane Rita than Katrina- not noticing that Rita was a far less gigantic hurricane, or that when Texas got involved, Bush suddenly seemed more interested.
My friends who live in Louisiana and were impacted by the hurricanes describe the federal response as a massive clusterfuck. They sure as hell aren't blaming the governor or the mayor of New Orleans like the Feds are.
I mean, think about it.
Why would the governor or the mayor not try with all their might to move heaven and earth to do everything they could to save lives and get things moving? Does anyone actually believe Governor Blanco didn't try to get the Feds involved well in advance of the hurricane?

Maybe Bush just didn't care that much about the Democratic mayor and governor of an impoverished, largely African American state's weather problems. All he seemed to know about Louisiana when he finally got there was that N'awlins used to be a great place for him to get drunk off his ass.

When Hurricane Rita threatened Texas, suddenly Bush snaps out of his indifferent stupor and rides in on his white horse and works with GOP Gov. Rick Perry to evacuate the hell out of the Texas Gulf Coast before it even started drizzling or getting breezy.
After Hurricane Rita turned out to be much weaker than Katrina and inflicted less damage once it hit land, Bush's lemmings were lauding his and the Fed's much-improved response.
Tell it to evacuees who spent 15-24 hours on the freeway to escape the hurricane.
With nearly five years of bullshit about national security, you'd think Bush's minions would have thought over some sort of mass evacuation plans in advance.
Now Bush wants to reimburse churches that helped evacuees with taxpayer money.
Churches collect money all the freakin' time to help the needy.
It was time for them to pony up.
Had Bush ever read the constitution, he'd have caught that "separation of church and state" thing.
And don't get me started on Brownie.
As long as Brownie's within 100 miles of FEMA offices, Bush has shown us once again he hasn't got a lick of sense-- and doesn't give a damn what the American taxpayers think.
Think about it- is Brownie worth the $13,300 a month he's still getting paid?

Bush would do us all a favor if he'd take his dumb, lazy ass back to Crawford, have his secret service detail guard the house from the outside, then chop up a few big lines of cocaine to go with his shots of Jack Daniels.
He can get nice and blitzed, then go outside and do what he does best:
Clear brush and ride his little bike until his abysmal term ends 1,210 days from today.


bonsaibandit said...

Well said.

CLD said...

"trite, gibberish-filled speeches" -- now that cracked me up for some reason...

They [Repugs] continue to do unethical, illegal and questionable things right in front of our noses -- and yet no one is doing anything about it. WTF? Will at least one friggin' Democrat please have the backbone to stand up and point out that the Emperor Has No Clothes?!!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Austin District Attorney Ronnie Earle showed plenty of backbone today when he announced Tom DeLay's indictment.
May he inspire the same courage in other Democrats, all over the nation.

Holly in Cincinnati said...

Nice job, Karen! said...

hear hear!