Saturday, September 10, 2005

Neigh to Cronies

Published: September 10, 2005


I understand that politicians are wont to put cronies and cupcakes on the payroll.

I just wish they'd stop putting them on the Homeland Security payroll.

Can't they stick their pals who failed at business in the Small Business Administration and their tomatoes over at the Oilseeds and Rice Bureau of the Ag Department?

At least Bill Clinton knew not to stash his sweeties in jobs concerned with keeping the nation safe. Gennifer Flowers said that Mr. Clinton got her a $17,500 job in Arkansas in the state unemployment agency, though she was ranked ninth out of 11 applicants tested. And Monica Lewinsky's thong expertise led her to a job as an assistant to the Pentagon press officer.

Gov. James McGreevey of New Jersey had to resign last year after acknowledging that he had elevated his patronage peccadillo, an Israeli poet named Golan Cipel, to be his special assistant on homeland security without even a background check or American citizenship. Mr. Cipel, however, was vastly qualified for his job compared with Michael Brown, who didn't know the difference between a tropical depression and an anxiety attack when President Bush charged him with life-and-death decisions.

W. trusted Brownie simply because he was a friend of a friend. He was a college buddy of Joe Allbaugh, who worked as W.'s chief of staff when he was Texas governor and as his 2000 presidential campaign manager.

It sounds more like a Vince Vaughn-Owen Wilson flick than the story of a man who was to be responsible for the fate of the Republic during the biggest natural disaster in our history. Brownie was a failed former lawyer with a degree from a semiaccredited law school, as The New Republic put it, when he moved to Colorado in 1991 to judge horse judges for the Arabian Horse Association.

He was put out to pasture under pressure in 2001, leaving him free to join his pal Mr. Allbaugh at an eviscerated FEMA. Mr. Allbaugh decided to leave the top job at FEMA and become a lobbyist with clients like Halliburton when the agency was reorganized under Homeland Security, stripping it of authority. Why not, Mr. Allbaugh thought, just pass this obscure sinecure to his homeboy?

Time magazine reported that Brownie's official bio described his only stint in emergency management as "assistant city manager" in Edmond, Okla. But a city official told Time that the FEMA chief had been "an assistant to the city manager," which was "more like an intern."

Ever since W. was his father's loyalty enforcer, his political decisions have been shaped more by loyalty than substance or competence. Mr. Bush never did warm up to his first secretary of state because Colin Powell rebuffed appeals to help out in the Tallahassee recount of 2000.

The breakdown in management and communications was so execrable that the president learned about the 25,000 desperate, trapped people at the New Orleans convention center not from Brownie, who didn't know himself, but from a wire story carried into the Oval Office by an aide on Thursday, 24 hours after the victims had been pleading and crying for help on every channel. (Maybe tomorrow the aide will come in with a wire story, "No W.M.D. in Iraq.")

"Getting truth on the ground in New Orleans was very difficult," a White House aide told The Times's Elisabeth Bumiller. Not if you had a TV.

As Mexican troops arrived in Texas to help with Katrina refugees, Brownie was recalled to Washington, where he said he wanted to get "a good Mexican meal and a stiff margarita." Yeah, it was hard to get any good étouffée in New Orleans given the E. coli. The president should find that little bullhorn from ground zero, put it right on Brownie's ear and yell at him to get the heck out of there.

FEMA was a disaster waiting to happen, the minute a disaster struck. As The Washington Post reported Friday, five of the eight top FEMA officials were simply Bush loyalists and political operatives who "came to their posts with virtually no experience in handling disasters."

While many see the hideous rescue failures as disaster apartheid, Barbara Bush and other Republicans have tried to look on the bright side for the victims. The Wall Street Journal reported that Representative Richard Baker of Baton Rouge was overheard telling lobbyists: "We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn't do it, but God did."

Even those who believe in intelligent design must surely agree that Brownie and Representative Baker weren't part of it.

8 comments: said...

if you were to hold the president and his cronies that he gave away jobs to in the administration under the same microscope as any one of us who apply for jobs in the private sector, they'd be laughed at all the way to the unemployment office.

consider...Chimp...'c' student at Yale fewer than two failed businesses (Harken Energy, Arbusto Oil)...hardly glowing qualificatoins to be the leader of the 'free' world.

Chimp's buddy Brownie...failed lawyer, failed manager...given a job at a FEDERAL agency to respond whenever there's a disaster...that's like having a burger flipper at Mickey D's head the kitchen at the Four Seasons

FEMA was elevated to cabinet level when Clinton was in office, and very heavily funded to boot. Why? Because Clinton in all his sleazy dirtyoldmanness knew what the job he was hired to required of him...take care of the people who put him where he was, in the event that things went bad naturally or otherwise.

Had this been the FEMA of ten years ago, the sitch would be WELL in hand with little to worry about.

Karen Zipdrive said...

You got that right, dog.

JimBob said...

Yo dog, tell it like it is!

Let's HOPE that all this bullsh*t is putting a couple more nails in the repube party's '06 coffin...

I truly fear what may come in The Chimp's last two years if he still has a repube-controlled congress.

dusty said...

to see these nimrods running our country and they can not find their ass with both hands is sad and disgusting..and criminal..

Karen Zipdrive said...

I see more and more anti Bush bumper stickers in Texas. I think that's a promising sign.

CLD said...

One of the managers here called me in her office to witness her tearing in half a picture of Bush she'd had hanging on the wall. She's not a democrat convert yet; but she sure as hell won't ever vote for anyone in Bush's administration again. said...

Got word @ the roasterie this afternoon during my daily cleanup and maintenance that Brownie just tendered his resignation from FEMA. Accordin to th media, Chimp was reprtedly saying that he had 'no idea' that Brown was going to throw in the towel.

that poor SOB's gonna be the biggest scapegoat since North in the Iran/Contra scandal, hide and watch.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Next to go should be Michael Chertoff.
He's in way over his head as Secretary of HLS.
In fact, clumping so many vital federal agencies under one Department was one of the top three stupidest things Bush ever did.
And that's saying something.